High school is a tough time in life. It's all about trying to fit in. There's nothing more difficult than trying to find your place at a small school in a small town. In my case, the transition between middle school and high school had no social impact on my life. It was the same group of kids moving from one school to another. I never had a tough time fitting in due to the fact that I played basketball and was friends with my teammates and had made some friends aside from the team as well. In fact, I had many different friends from many different friend groups; however, sometimes I still found myself struggling to relate. About half way through high school I had a falling out, per say, with my particular group of friends. This falling out was brutal to experience in high school. These friends had been my friends since middle school, and even some of them from elementary school.

High school consisted of nothing but constant drama and turmoil for me. I learned that girls are mean and four years of high school can feel more like ten years when you just want to get out of there. I realized that I had to make some friends to make it to the end, or to survive, in other words.

At one point I thought this was the end of the world, although I did a great job of hiding those feelings at school. I eventually adjusted and made new friends by the time my senior year had rolled around. Senior year was a blast, as well as graduation, senior week, and the rest of the summer before leaving for college. As we all went our separate ways at the end of the summer we had every intention of keeping in touch.

The first couple weeks of college are difficult. Not only are you trying to juggle being away from home but you're also trying to make new friends and adjust to your new schedule. Keeping in touch the first few semesters was easy, a couple of phone calls and texts a week was just enough to keep our friendship the same. The more I found myself getting used to the college life the more I felt myself growing apart from my high school friends.

I eventually joined a sorority and am now beyond blessed with multiple amazing friends. I found myself feeling much more 'at home' with my friends I made in college. The sorority has given me so many amazing, true, friends. I've been blessed with an amazing big sister, three little sisters, and many other sisters that are beyond wonderful.

I went from the constant battle of arguing, subtweeting, and petty drama of high school to absolutely no drama at all amongst my group of friends in college. I realized that it is about who you clique with rather than who you can form an alliance with to survive (like high school).

Then I finally realized WHY everyone says, "Your college friends are your friends for life. They'll be the bridesmaids in your wedding."

In high school you're in a way, limited as to who you can be friends with. Your friends may be based upon who lived in your neighborhood, who your parents are friends with, who you went to church with, who you play sports with, or who you've grown up with.

On the other hand, in college, you get the opportunity to find those who are like you. I guess you could say that you pick your friends in college. You find yourself making friends with those who you clique with, who you have things in common with, who you are comfortable with.

I remember countless times of me laying in bed at night in high school praying to God for a good group of friends, somewhere where I could fit in; and my prayers were eventually answered. I thank God every single day for blessing me with the friends I have made in college, I can't begin to imagine my college experience or my life without them. Those sayings are exactly right, these girls are going to be my bridesmaids, and they are going to be my life-long friends and I will forever be thankful.