5 Coffee Shops Near Arizona State That You Have To Try
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5 Coffee Shops Near Arizona State That You Have To Try

Now that the semester is starting up again, here are a few places that'll make that caffeine addition worth it.

5 Coffee Shops Near Arizona State That You Have To Try

If you guys are anything like me you rely heavily on coffee and caffeine to get you through the day. This is mainly a thing while school is in session, but even when school is not in session I am still a coffee connoisseur. This article is going to relate and benefit those of us attending ASU as well as those who plan to visit ASU or the Phoenix area in general. Here are a few of the best coffee shops near and around the ASU area.

Disclaimer: None of these photos are from the actual coffee shops.

1. Royal Coffee Bar

This coffee shop is located off of College Ave. and Veterans Way. It is a small little shop but the coffee is wonderful. It has a very rich flavor and the caffeine genuinely keeps me awake. The shop has a very beautiful aesthetic, and beautiful contrast with the cement floor and wooden accents.

In addition to the coffee, they also have a refrigerator filled with other beverages, including the fan-favorite sparkling water brand La Croix. Even non-coffee lovers will be satisfied.

The shop has a few small tables as well as one large one. They are all wooden tables. Also, this coffee shop has agave sweetener.

2. King Coffee

This shop is just across the street from the Gammage auditorium, and it is a hot spot for all the music majors on the Tempe campus. You know what that means, good coffee and hot music boys. And we love hot music boys.

At least I do, I was a theatre kid in high school so I am familiar with the art. Besides the attractive men, the other plus is the coffee. Similar to the Royal's the coffee is very sweet, there are also some very delicious pastries.

The coffee shop is perfect for studying, my only issue is that it is very small. But what coffee shop isn't small. Like when are we not wishing coffee shops were bigger.

3. Infusion Coffee & Tea

Infusion is just off of University Dr. in Tempe, this place is not walking distance from campus. This coffee shop is definitely within the top three best shops in Tempe. It has amazing coffee and in addition, it has a beautiful design. It is perfect for doing homework.

One Sunday afternoon I decided to go there by myself via Lyft because I am broke with no car, and I realized I am not an Arizona driver. Anyways I sat down at about 1:30 PM, and it went down. I mean the amount of homework I got done was shocking. I did about 3 hours worth of work in about an hour and a half.

That is half the amount of time it would normally take me. I am not sure if it was the coffee or the environment that made me thrive, but I will be back there this semester and I will be thriving.

4. Lux Central

So here's the tea about Lux, it is not very close to ASU. It's not even in Tempe, it's about an 11 min drive north from the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

The only downside of this coffee shop is that it is far from the Tempe campus, other than that I have yet to run into any problems from this shop. The coffee shop has many pastries that are vegan and gluten-free and the coffee is to die for.

My all-time favorite drink is the Red Velvet Latte with almond milk. Sooo good, also shout out to my friends Nessa Love and Ally Love for showing me this amazing place.

5. Cartel Coffee Lab

This shop, in my opinion, is very similar to Infusion, they both have a lot of metal and wooden accents. The central color of this shop is green versus orange at Infusion.

The coffee is my opinion is alright, it is very bitter coffee and I am a fan of rather sweet coffee. Nonetheless coffee is coffee and I will drink it.

I went here at the end of my freshman year with a few friends and we had a little coffee date. The atmosphere of the coffee shop makes it perfect for little dates with friends.

These are some of the few coffee shops near ASU that really get me excited.

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