5 Trends That Rocked Coachella This Year And How To Add Them To Your Wardrobe
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5 Trends That Rocked Coachella This Year And How To Add Them To Your Wardrobe

Didn't get to down to the Valleys of Southern California for the biggest festival of the year? Me either, but thanks to Instagram all the fashion trends from this two weekend festival are easy to find

5 Trends That Rocked Coachella This Year And How To Add Them To Your Wardrobe
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Didn’t get to go out to the valleys of California to see all the trendy and upcoming artists perform and stylish models strut about in the hottest new trends? Me either, but these fashion trends that you can own, will make you feel like you were there.

1. Rainbow Crochet, Fringed Denim, and fanny packs... Oh, my!

Alessandra Ambrosio was rocking all colors of the rainbow with her adorable Gigi Crochet Shorts by WildFox Couture ($156), along with a bright red Emily Belt Bag by The Kooples ($295).

On top, she wore a rainbow fringe denim jacket, that you can find on Etsy.com ($75), and a similar denim crop to hers, the Stop Short Denim Crop Topfrom NastyGal.com ($18).

She struts her stuff all around the Coachella grounds in silver metallic sneakers, like the 574 Sport new balance Sneakers in silver ($65).

2. Casual Crop & Jean Shorts

Models Bella Hadid (left) and Winnie Harlow (right) both went for super casual outfits that are comfortable, yet very stylish. They were both winning at these looks because, in the humidity and heat of Coachella Valley, comfort is key.

Hadid wore a Fendi crop, but you can find a very similar crossover crop from Boohoo ($11), along with a cute gold body chain from Forever 21 ($9.99). With your favorite Levi cutoff denim shorts ($198), a classic white buckle belt from ASOS ($11.50), and don't forget about your Nike Classic Cortez Sneakers

3. Seeing Double

Many Coachella goers opted in for the co-ord sets. Both women and men were replacing last year's rompers and "romp-hims," some even matching from hat to shoe.

Jasmine Sanders (left) along with Danielle Lombard (right) both wore these matching sets from Revolve. Many other people at Coachella were opting in with this power flower set, mixing and matching these with other wardrobe essentials.

Jasmine Sanders paired this match with an orange bikini top that you can find at J.Crew ($35.99). She also paired it with bold geometric earrings, I found a similar pair on Etsy ($15). Lombard opted for a more athleisure style pairing her set with a visor from Revolve, a similar version can be found at dollskill.com ($12).

4. Sheer & Transparent

Jasmine Tookes exhibits the bare minimum with back to back sheer coverups for day one and day two. Day one she wore a mesh knit cover-up ($231). She pairs this with a red bikini set, that you can get at Victoria's Secret (Top: $36.99) (Bottoms: $16.99).

Day two she wore the Victoria Secret black t-shirt bra ($34.50), with a black sheer lace cover-up ($55), and topped it all off with a stylish black hat ($58), that you can find at Urban Outfitters and some silver glitter heart-shaped sunnies by Poppy Lissiman.

5. Lingerie-Inspired Outfits

Christina Milian (left) rocked a smiley face bralette, that you can find on Etsy ($24.99), paired with some emoji patterned overalls, you can find a simple version from H&M ($39.99). She is also wearing her own jewelry designs from her jewelry company House of Fine Gold.

The woman on the right is wearing a lingerie-inspired bodysuit, you can find many different styles of these bodysuits the most similar being on Asos ($32). She pairs this bodysuit with some pink camouflage pants ($27.99).

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