The Coach Who Changed My Life

The Coach Who Changed My Life

"I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth." -Lou Gehrig

no, Life works in mysterious ways. Whether by sheer luck or simply intertwined fate, we all have that one person who enters our life and changes it in ways that we cannot possibly have foreseen. I met this man when I was just seven years old; my very first wrestling coach: Wilbur Borrero.

I remember attending my first wrestling camp nearly 12 years ago, which was being held at my future high school. Meeting him for the first time was like meeting a giant from my viewpoint. He had silvery grey hair, a nearly bone-crushing handshake, and a booming voice that echoed off the walls like a thunderstorm. To be honest, I was a little scared of him at first. But, as the practice rolled on, I decided that his bark was worse than his bite. Across the span of just three days, his instruction took me from a curious spectator, to a fanatic participant.

Coach wanted me to start on the varsity team right away. At first I was shocked and didn't know what to think. But, I decided that there must be a reason for his confidence and I accepted his challenge.

In youth wrestling, I usually made good jumps in skill each year. In high school, coach Borrero transformed and refined my abilities to take me from a wrestler with potential, to a wrestler who could contend for a state championship. In this time, he taught me how to work hard, make sacrifice, and lead a team.

Coach Borrero has a marvelous ability to integrate fun into an otherwise grueling practice. He makes you want to work hard and become not just the best wrestler you can, but also the best person as well. His philosophy advocates "family first, education second, and sports third." This principle has stuck with me since the very first time I heard it all those years ago. Across the time that he trained me, our relationship grew closer and tighter. By the end of my senior year, he had become like a second father to me. I came to value and respect everything about the man who I had come to revere.

Coach Borreo's training prepared me for not only my opponents on the mat, but also the opponents and obstacles I will face throughout my life. And I will be eternally grateful for everything he has done for me. He's been there for me at some of my highest and lowest points, he's been there to give me a laugh, and of course he's always been there to kick my ass when need be.

As I age, I aspire to be everything that he is, and hope to continue to make him proud. Without his help, I could not have become the athlete and man that I am today. Thank you coach Borrero. Thank you for changing my life.

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If You Wear XL T-Shirts And Shorts, You're The Woman Of My Dreams

Enough with the war on comfort!

Comfortable can be sexy, simply put.

For some reason there are people complaining out there about the Southern college trend that has been happening the past few years: big t-shirts and shorts, also known as the "srat uniform." There seems to be a clash between the girls who dress "nice" most of the time and girls who dress for comfort. As a guy, I don't see what the big deal is?

For college in the South, there are two reasons to dress up: college football (Roll Tide) and date parties. Any other time, you can find a majority of the female population in shorts and a big t-shirt that makes it look like they're not wearing pants. As a man, I personally don't see anything wrong with this. I love being comfortable as much as the next person, and most guys find the baggy t-shirt and shorts outfit to be cute. There's always a time and place for dresses and rompers.

But for all the haters out there that call these girls in XL t-shirts and shorts lazy, you've got it all wrong.

There are 4 reasons why the girls who don the "srat uniform" have it all figured out.

1. Girls have it rough.

See, it's tough being a girl. I don't know from experience, but I hear it enough and I've seen it enough to know it's true. When girls aren't dealing with f***boys, periods or having to do their hair and makeup routinely, they are being overly criticized by our society. I think society owes girls a break, and that break comes in the comfortable baggy t-shirt and shorts.

2. Southern Not-So-Comfort(able) weather.

Also, for all of the haters, maybe y'all haven't noticed that it's hotter than Satan's balls in the South! Tight, dressy outfits and pants constrict the body and cause you to sweat. I'd rather see a dry girl in a baggy t-shirt than a girl drenched in sweat trying to look cute with her outfit.

3. Perfect doesn't exist.

It's admirable when a girl can unapologetically be herself. A girl in an XL t-shirt and shorts is a girl that is saying "yes, I may have just rolled out of bed and brushed my hair, but I'm here dammit." Social media tells us we all have to be the dolled up, most "perfect" version of ourselves all the time, so it's nice to experience that reality check.

4. Guys think it's cute, regardless.

9 times out of 10, guys in college do not care what you're wearing. Trust me, we aren't doing much better. You could probably put on a garbage bag and we still think you're cute. Any guy that dates a girl that dates a girl only because she dresses nicely all of the time is a shallow man. You're cute, you're comfortable, and that makes for a much better vibe. We all win.

So, in the battle of dressing "nice" and dressing comfortable, I think that the girls who wear an XL t-shirt and shorts chalk up a win in my record book. No, I'm not bashing on girls who have a true sense of style and wear nice clothing... that's a great thing in itself! But, this is college and there are more important things to focus on besides what we're wearing.

Ladies, wear your srat uniform with pride. Some us think it's cute :)

*I want to thank the beautiful ladies at the University of Alabama for inspiring this article.*

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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High School Seniors, Get Ready

Life starts now, if you haven't heard that twenty-five million times


So, you made it to the end of the road. You are now starting a new adventure, and this is where your high school story is wrapping up. This year is really not that different from the rest, but at the same time, it is. This is the last year you and your graduating class will be in the same building.

This is your year of lasts, and also the most expensive. If you haven't already, you'll soon take your senior pictures and be offered a sky-high price for them. You'll fill out papers for your cap and gown, and then in no time, you'll be walking across the field.

During your year of lasts, do things you haven't done before. Turn the "lasts" into "firsts", by making a new friend, joining a club, or maybe even try out for a school play. Your year is what you make it, so make your senior year one too last forever. Hang out with your friends, and make time for them before you all head off to different colleges, get jobs, and get into relationships. Listen to your teachers, and even if you don't have the will-power anymore; actually show up to school.

You should start applying to colleges as soon as possible because, like me, you could lose openings to a majority of much-needed scholarships. Also, Listen to everyone's advice, but at the same time understand that you don't have to follow it. You will be told by countless people that you'll change your major, and for some people that is true.

Remember that just because everyone else is going to go to one college, you don't have to. Chose your college based on what it can offer you, and what your major is. For the most part, you can do whatever you want in college, within reason of course, and it will be ten times more exciting than high school was.

However, Even though your college years are the start of your future, it's also the start of learning financial accountability. By now you should also understand that money you take out in loans needs to get paid back, eventually. So It could be a good idea to try to start work during your last year of high school so you can start saving up to prevent you from having to take out as much in loans or apply for ten million different scholarships.

Another good way to save on college is to take dual enrollment courses if your school offers them, It is a good way to earn both high school and college credit and overall helps you a lot when you start your college classes.

In all, these next few years might be rough and will make you do a lot of growing up. Don't let the cost of everything hold you down and ultimately do what is best for you. You shape your future into what it is now, and these next five-ish years will help you further your goal of becoming who you want to be. Take hold of your future, kiss the past goodbye and let your friends, family, and your heart guide you through the unknown.

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