Currently, I have 8.5K pins and 2.5K likes on Pinterest. I'm a Pinterest Addict. Any time I'm bored, I'm pinning. Involved in an awkward social interaction? The solution will always be pinning. I have a board for every occasion and I add another each and every day.

My boards range from cats, to food, to clothes, to words of inspiration. And I know I'm not alone. So if you’re a twenty-something young woman, you should have all of the following Pinterest Boards.

1. Wedding Boards

So you’re in your 20s and are totally single, with no prospects on the horizon. That doesn’t mean you can't have a wedding board that’s totally enviable. Make sure to pin the dress, the ring, the color scheme, the bridesmaid’s dresses and the food and drinks. And don’t forget the flowers! I'm partial to calla lilies, big dresses, and even bigger diamonds.

2. Hair Boards

Whether it be haircuts or colors, every girl needs to have a board of options. Personally, I like to separate hair boards into hair color, haircuts and hair styles. Recently break up with your high school sweet heart after your first semester away at college? Reference the board and chops off your locks. Pass your nursing final and deserve to reward yourself? Finally take the plunge and dye your hair ombre like you’ve been wanting to since you saw the sweet color on some chick from Pretty Little Liars.

3. Food Boards

I can't cook. Like literally at all. I can burn toast without even trying. So it only makes sense to have a food board and one dedicated to all those sweet treats I try making and end up royally ruining. Note to readers: the less ingredients, the easier it is to successfully make a food pin without ending up on the hilariously true Pinterest Fail pages.

4. Clothes Boards

Because I like to be thorough, I have a board for every occasion, including fall, winter, classy, gym and formal clothing. Although I'm a connoisseur for yoga pants, which are pinned to the gym board, a place that is only figurative, I like to think I’ll pin all these cute outfits and one day own and wear them. When in reality, I'm totally fine wearing leggings and a VS hoodie every day of my life.

5. Quote Boards

Need an Instagram caption? Or a Facebook status quote with just enough passive aggression that you should have just tagged the person in it? Or maybe you’re looking for your next tattoo quote to get? The Quote board will always be there to save the day. Word of advice, divide them into happy quotes, sad lyrics, and words that remind you to always SLAY.

6. Beauty Boards

Can't afford every new Anastasia eyeshadow palate eyebrow pencil or the ever popular Kylie Jenner Lip kits? I love to pin makeup ideas and kits, and sometimes I can even recreate some of the looks. Just pin them now, and later when you’re not a broke college student, you’ll remember that beauty comes second to brains.