9 Cliches All College Students Are Definitely Guilty Of Proving True
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9 Cliche Phrases All College Students Are Definitely Guilty Of Proving True

Let's be honest, these phrases are used at least once a week.

group of student high fiving each other

Admit it, you probably use these phrases at least once a week.

1. "I tried"

Pretty much sums up anything that relates to school and course work

2. "Just five more minutes"

Those five extra minutes of sleep are really important and can make or break the day you will have. But "five more minutes" turns into snoozing the alarm five times and being late...but it's worth it.

3. "C's get degrees"

Enough said.

4. "Sleep is more important"

Why study for the exam you have tomorrow, that you have been procrastinating for the past week, studying for? Sleep is always the better option.

5. "Boot and rally"

Said every college girl ever.

6. "Fake it 'til you make it"

After all, C's get degrees...I hope.

7. "It could be worse"

Even when you think the worst has happened, it ALWAYS could have been way worse. Sometimes this lesson is learned the hard way.

8. "Disappointed but not surprised"

Mood after getting any test or quiz back.

9. "Maybe next time"

Again, C's get degrees, sleep is important and hey, disappointed but not surprised.

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