Ciara Jolie Whitney's Two years
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Ciara Jolie Whitney's Two years

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Ciara Jolie Whitney

September 18th, 2000 - March 28th, 2016

March 29th, 2016

Two years ago to the day, I had lost one of my greatest friends. Ciara Jolie Whitney this one is for you.

When you were young your family members passed away left and right. But nothing would ever hurt you as much as the first death that scars you. March 29th, 2016 had started as any normal day. It was a slow beginning to the week, a dark Tuesday morning. Almost three hours have passed since you stepped foot into school and walked through these halls to each class.

Ten o'clock comes around and you get the chance to check your cellphone. You think this is great news because so many of your friends have reached out. But the words that will forever be burned into the back of your head. The begin to register, you comprehend, and you are devastated. "I am so sorry for your loss." or "lex, I am so sorry. But Ciara Whitney had taken her own life."

You read these messages over and over. And suddenly your body begins to go limp, the small beads of tears forming in the corners of your eyes. the unbearable weight is crashing down on you and your knees give out. The pieces of you heart are scattered all over the floor. You try to gather yourself, but your heart and mind are trying to fathom the news. Getting up seems way too much to handle at the moment. But its the only you want to do.

Your body begins to receive what your mind was telling you. Your once greatest friend was no longer waking up every morning to the sound of her alarms or family telling her to wake up. You'll never get the chance to share an embrace with her. And lastly she will never know the unconditional love you had for her.

February 15th, 2018

Nearly two years ago I had no doubt in my mind that I would recover from this loss. But with the terms of events that took place after the loss of a beautiful young lady. My heart had somehow mended itself back together. Suicide is a rising epidemic in today's society. And today is the day where you can take a stand. The littlest amount of support can go a very far way for a broken person.

Please remember that there are other people in this crazy life who are bearing the same pain as you are. You've probably come to a conclusion that you are alone and broken. There are resources, utilize them and reach out.

There's still a lot of fight left in you.


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