Christmas Break: Do's And Dont's

Christmas break is so close, which means it's time for family, friends, relaxation, and fun. However, when going back home from the college environment, it's sometimes hard to remember how to act at home. Here are a few tips to make your Christmas break run more smoothly:

DO spend time with your family. They love you and, chances are, they have been eagerly waiting for you to get home. Your family probably saw you once or twice during the semester, and you probably forgot to return their phone calls during those days where all you did is study for finals. All your family wants is for you to spend time with them. Go out to dinner and tell them about your time in college (just enough to give your mom some peace of mind), but don't forget that they are your biggest supporters and without them, you probably would not be the person you are today. Show them you appreciate them!

DON'T act like you're too busy for your family. When you're spending time with them, make sure you give them your undivided attention. Texting your friends can wait. Don't make your family feel like they should fight for your attention. They miss you. Don't make them feel like you are too good for them or that college made you condescending. Be respectful!

DO catch up with friends from your hometown. Everyone is busy and, chances are, you barely talk to your high school friends anymore, so hopefully you haven't grown apart. Make an effort to spend time with them at least once during the break. It's always nice to think about simpler times, before adulthood. You all will have many stories to exchange and advice to give each other.

DON'T compare them to your current college/work friends. Remember that this person (or people) helped you through the rough patches of high school and your teenage years. Dedicate this time to them. No one likes hearing, "Oh, you got a job at Starbucks? My roommate started her own business, she is so hardworking!" Also, don't be so quick to judge any of their crazy decisions. That horrible new tattoo, hairstyle, or boyfriend/girlfriend? We all have to go through these stages, so be supportive instead of judgmental.

DO pamper yourself. You have survived another semester of college, so you deserve to treat yourself. Eat your favorite foods, sleep in, do some shopping, and have fun! After all, it's the holidays and you should be happy!

DON'T get too comfortable. Remember, in less than a month you will need to be ready for another semester of college, and you need to go back feeling motivated and refreshed. Don't get lazy! Read a book, keep up with the news and exercise. A healthy body and mind will make you feel happier next semester!

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