I love being a Christian, although I don't show it as much as I should. I'm not a cookie-cutter Christian that goes to church every Sunday and volunteers for VBS. I've done things I shouldn't have and I've sinned countless times. I don't mean I sin every once in a while. I sin, DAILY. Everyone does. The thing that not all Christians understand is that we all sin differently, yet not everything is viewed the same.

Let me say this real quick, I in no way support any type sinning, but I sure am not going to frown upon someone because of the way they choose to sin. We are under the impression that some sins outweigh the others, but that's just the way we see things. God sees all sins as equal, now this may sound cliche but I don't think people understand the meaning of it. Whether someone tells a small lie or someone has sex before marriage, they are viewed as equals.

If we were to open our hearts to others instead of judging the way they sin, we would have a much bigger impact. Honestly, it's not our jobs to turn away someone because of their mistake or habit. God will sort them out, so in the meantime just love everyone.