From the Christian About Trump's Latest Executive Order

President Trump,

I write to you today from my dorm room in Northwest Iowa. I write to you today as a Christian, as a Religious Studies major, and as a United States Citizen. And before you go up in arms with defenses, you, sir, are not making this country great again. No, instead you are tearing this country apart.

Today, National Day of Prayer, you signed an executive order allowing preachers to now endorse a political candidate from the pulpit during their worship services. You claim it as an act of religious freedom, however you have failed to take into account any religion besides Christianity. You have failed to understand, yet again, that other religions exist, and that they don't all have a message or a sermon or what ever the hell you want to call it during their worship service. Yet again, President Trump, you fail to recognize that Christianity is NOT the official religion of the United States of America. In fact, you and every one else fail to recognize that the United States holds a disestablishment position when it comes to mixing church and government issues.

As a Christian, I ask you to stop what you are doing. I don't want to hear the political opinions of my pastor on a Sunday morning. As someone who serves as pulpit supply it makes me uneasy to think that I could now freely voice my political opinions in the eyes of the government. However, this is not true with what my church doctrine allows. You see, if you were a practicing Christian and not one who acts like it, you would know that it is not decided by the government what we can and cannot preach. It is decided by our doctrine, laws, and discipline. Sorry, but you really don't have any say in the matter.

As a religious studies major I am furious.Yet again the leader of my homeland has shown his bigot side in an act that shows he favors the Christian faith above all others. President Trump, need I remind you of the First Amendment? Need I tell you what it says word for word? "Congress shall make no law establishing religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." That would be what it says, sir. You're establishing religion. You're establishing Christianity's importance and role in our government. Sorry, but it shouldn't have one.

As a United States Citizen I apologize to the world. The man that has been elected, and not by me, is acting like a child. He is an ignorant bigot who is destroying all of the things our country has worked so hard for. To those of you who feel unsafe in my homeland, please accept my deepest apologies. This man does not speak for me nor the majority of the people here. We welcome you with open arms. To those of you who are infuriated with this man, know that we are as well. Know that we do not support his actions. Know that we wanted someone else. The majority of us voted for Hillary.

President Trump, I address you yet again. My third attempt to help you see what you're doing is wrong. My third attempt to try and help you in understanding the diversity that our nation holds. But you refuse to recognize it. It's your way or the highway, am I right? Because that is what is looks like from down here in the working class.

I have nothing to say to you. My heart is broken looking at the damaged you have caused in just a short 100 days. You are literally ripping apart the land that I love and replacing it with hate. You are ripping apart the land of equality and replacing it with persecution.

Enough is enough. I am done with you. And I am done with your bullshit arrogance you bigot. The world does not revolve around the wealthy white man. Ha. Far from it. Why don't you take those Christian morals you and your supporters claim you have, and look at the teachings of Christ in the Gospel lessons. I think you'll find all the things you are doing wrong there.

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