In today's society, it feels like everyone is constantly trying to be someone else. Whether you're trying to look like Kylie or sing like Miley, no one is ever satisfied with "just plain, old me". However, uniqueness is what sets all of us apart. I mean, can you imagine a world of Kim Kardashians or Kylie Jenner's. Although it may be "flawlessly" frightening, it would also be incredibly boring. So here are five ways to embrace your authenticness.

1. Define Beauty

Decide to define beauty. Whether you think beautiful means that you are kind or smart or compassionate. Choose to find what you think is beautiful and chase a life that embodies it.

2. Discover Your Quirks

Find the little things that you love about yourself. Whether you have a squinty-eyed smile or an awkwardly adorable laugh; choose to embrace the things that make you different.

3. Learn to Love

Find the ways in which you like to be loved and love people like that. Be friendly, be

open, embrace vulnerability and find new ways to love the people around you.

4. Use Your Talents for Good

It's so important to use your God-given talents for good. If you are good at social media partner with a local organization that needs help getting the word out. Whatever you may love to do, find a way to impact your community while having fun.

5. Be Confident

You are unique. You are loved. You are so much more than you ever think you could be or could become. Know that You are perfect just the way you are. Be confident in your uniqueness.