Where I am from, there always has been two professional baseball teams: The Chicago Cubs and The Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have won the World Series in 2005 whereas the Cubs are still hungry to win over 100 years later. Which sparks arguments and rivalry left and right. At the end of the day, rivalries wouldn’t exist without crazy fanatics who love their team more than anything. I happen to be from a family where each person is born and raised a Cubs fan.

Within the last couple years, the Cubs have been giving hope with all the young blood brought onto their team and one hell of a manager, Joe Maddon. Giving Cubs fan around the world the drive that they haven’t seen before. Especially during this post season with pitchers hitting homers, Javy making unbelievable plays, and the Cubs clinching the series against the Giants in a magical comeback. But even before the spark, before the team pride that strikes the country, fans have been there through all of the down times the team has had. You have generations after generation cheering for the team they still believe in over 100 years later.

Growing up, I have watched my family, my dad’s side in particular, love and watch the Cubs every step of the way. I was brought to my first Cubs game when I was 16 months old. I have loved them ever since. I was taught every word to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Witnessed my dad and grandpa get angry every time the Cubs lost. I heard them say countless of times they were done watching even though I knew they would be watching the next game the Cubs played. I watched my aunt and my dad turn my old room into a Wrigley Field themed baby room for my brothers. And I took photos with my baby twin brothers wearing Cubs jerseys when they turned one. I have seen at least 3 of my family members get Cubs tattoos. I have witnessed a lot of Cubs-themed parties with decorated Wrigley Field birthday cakes and have seen Chicago Cubs gifts every single year for holidays and birthdays.

I’ve cheered in the stands at Wrigley Field and was mesmerized by the beautiful stadium and the ivy each and every time. I have flown that “W” flag proud and have kept on rooting even when I knew the game was over. I have sang at the top of my lungs at the Seventh Inning Stretch and gotten goosebumps as they played “Go Cubs Go”. The Chicago Cubs is not just a baseball team. It is a family tradition in my family and it will always be. A team where we have seen the bad and now one of the best. A team where we have had “curses” and a lot of “almost” playoff moments.

We have seen the youngest and most talented players within the last two years. From Rizzo reaching into the crowd to catch balls to Contreas hitting a home run his first time up to plate as a major league baseball player. From home-run after home-run. To winning 103 games in regular season this year. We have seen Grandpa Rossy play his last year of baseball as a Cub.And not to mention the heartthrobs of the team: Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Dexter Fowler, and many others. Now more than ever I am proud to be a Chicago Cubs fan. Not because WE ARE GOOD but because I have been part of fans who have seen all of the bad and all of the good. Chicago Cub fans around the world have been waiting for a team like this to make being a Chicago Cub fan worth it. No matter what happens during October, I will always be a Cubs fan and be from a family who are Cubs fans. I will always bleed Red and Blue and bring the family tradition to my future kids one day. After all, Go Cubs Go!