High School Seniors: Breathe It In And Don't Let It Go Until It's Over

High School Seniors: Breathe It In And Don't Let It Go Until It's Over

Graduation is coming up quick, slow down and enjoy the moment.

For most of us, it starts out the summer after junior year. Basketball, wrestling, football, cheerleading and any kind of camp you can think of. For me, it started with basketball. Open gyms a few times a week, going out to get ice cream with the team afterward, and then hanging out together at someone's house. Those things seem so insignificant when you are in the moment, but after the fact they are memories you would kill to go back to.

Next thing is the first day of school, a syllabus from every teacher (except the one or two teachers that are just as unprepared as you are), girls that just saw each other last week screaming and running through the halls as if they hadn't seen one another for months, and of course seeing your favorite teacher. A few weeks in, and it's football Friday night. All day at school, everyone's talking about the team we're playing and the girls are talking about their outfits'. Again, something that seems so unimportant but when you're looking back and reminiscing those are the things that you miss most.

Onto the first football game, you're getting ready either in the locker room with the team or maybe at home with your friends. Painting your face, putting fake tattoos on, cutting up tee shirts and taking a last minute trip to find some knee high socks and beads that match the theme. As for me, I was the student section leader. I led all the chants, I got everyone pumped up, and most of all I had to out-do any other kids in the student section. Half time, leading the "roller coaster", listening to the bands half time show, and cheering as the boys re-entered the field. Taking an insane amount of pictures with your friends, borrowing hoodies, and holding hot cups of hot chocolate just to keep your hands warm. Countless trips to Waffle House after games, filling up the entire dining room with football players and kids from the student section-- it goes faster than you think.

At this point, you may realize that time is flying. Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and then it's a whole new year. Now it's your graduation year. That midterm that you dreaded taking? You'll actually miss that. You'll miss running through the hallways early in the morning to ask your teacher a few questions about what could possibly be on the exam. You'll miss getting to leave early after the test and going out to eat with your friends. You'll miss things as simple as sitting at lunch with all of your friends, probably the same kids that you've sat with since freshman year (or at least close to the same people). You'll miss gym class, your math teacher, speeding into the parking lot because you're going to be late, skipping the first period of the day to sleep in your car because you just couldn't sleep the night before-- enjoy every second of it.

Now let us get to the core... slow down, guys. Don't wish it away. Enjoy that football game, and scream your heart out. Participate in the theme, and under no circumstances should you stay home. Wake up early to go out to breakfast with your best friends a time or two before school. Don't miss a single basketball, softball, or any sports practice. Play your heart out in every single game. Honestly, just take the time to do your homework. Partake in spirit week, and dress accordingly for every day. Really enjoy your favorite classes, take the time to work extra hard on projects. Do something to be proud of and make memories you'll never forget. Don't let any single person or group dull your personality and most importantly, truly let it be one of the best years of your life.

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Stop Saying You're a Broke College Student

I've had a job since 16, and my money life is thriving.

It's supposed to be funny when someone says "I'm a broke college student" but I think it's stupid. Here's my unpopular opinion.

I've had a job since I was 16. My first day of work was the first weekend after I started my sophomore year of high school. It wasn't too difficult- I was literally only working on Saturdays and Sundays. The shifts were 4-7:30/8 pm on Saturdays and 11-2:30 on Sundays. I wasn't making a huge amount of money, but it paid for my gas money, and that was all I needed. So the first year I had my job, I was spending any extra money I had on food, movie tickets, and clothes.

Then reality hit when I knew I needed to start saving up for college. I started putting money into my savings account, and eventually I had built up enough money to buy a new old car. I know, it wasn't college tuition, but I needed it.

My first year living in the dorms, I figured out a system. I was putting $150 each week in a savings envelope, and each month I knew I had to pay $160 for my car payment. The rest of the money I made I put in envelopes for a new purse, clothes, vacation. I had a system going, and I didn't spend extra money on useless things unless I was rewarding myself. In case you can't do the math, that's at least $600 in my savings account each month, and most people can't figure out how to put away $100.

Now, as a sophomore in college, I watch people trickle into class with to-go food, to-go coffee, smoothies, and candy from gas stations or the shops on campus. Then I hear those same people complain about being "a broke college student." I'm sorry, but you're not a broke college student. You're a college student who pays for things you don't need, with money you have that you shouldn't be spending. You don't need to get Starbucks 3 times a day. You don't have to go to pitcher night at the local bar. You don't need to spend money on those things, but you do. And at the end of the month, you're broke, and begging your parents for money.

So, in my unpopular opinion, you're not a broke college student. You're a dumb one. Make a budget, give yourself some spending money, and stick to it. You'll thank me later.

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11 Tips For a Great Semester

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.

1. Have a nice workspace/desk

I recently made this change and I feel 100% better.

2. Dress well

Personally, if I go to class looking like a bum, I feel like a bum. Dress for success!

3. Go to bed at the same time every night

Getting enough rest can really impact the rest of your day. Aim to get 7-9 solid hours of sleep each night this semester to avoid accidentally being grouchy at someone.

4. What am I doing for this upcoming week?

What are my goals this week? What’s going on this week? What do I need to work on for this week? If you go into your week blind, it never really works. I’ve done this before.

5. Don’t lose your class syllabi

This one paper has literally all of the due dates, test dates, readings and homework assignments on it. Make sure you always know where this paper is because you will be looking at it constantly, so don’t lose it.

6. Ask questions

If you’re in class and you have no idea what the professor is talking about ask, or email them! It’s good to ask questions because then your professor knows you care about their class so it’s a win-win situation. You ask questions plus the professor knows you care equals good grade in the class.

7. Take good notes

I can’t tell you how many times over the past semester I would look back at my notes and what I wrote didn’t make sense. Learn what type of learner you are to figure out how to take the best notes for yourself. I either write everything out by hand which takes forever (especially when the professor flies through the lecture) or I print out the notes and just write on those papers so I can actually listen to the lecture.

8. Get some homework done in between classes

In my schedule, I have a lot of time gaps in between classes just waiting around for my next class to start. Take advantage of this 30 minutes or 2-hour gap and work on some homework. You’ll thank yourself later.

9. Don't overload yourself

I’ve made a rule with myself to only do homework Monday to Friday. That’s because if I work super hard during the week on my work then I can have the weekends off as a mental break. There are a couple exceptions to my rule like if I have a 5-page essay due Monday then yes, I’ll work on it during the weekend or if I have tests coming up the next week then I’ll be studying.

10. Don't procrastinate

If you’re avoiding something, just get it done and over with. If you have a really difficult essay to write and then a bunch of easier assignments; start with the hard assignment first to get it done. It’ll take the most time and then you’ll feel relieved when you’re done with it.

11. Don't give up

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.

Just keep going.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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