Charlottesville: 10 Fun Facts

Charlottesville: 10 Fun Facts

Even the most die-hard Cville lover may not know some of these fun facts

To Wahoos, Charlottesville is the happiest place on Earth. In fact, a study done in 2014 actually named Charlottesville as the happiest city in America. There are so many things that make Charlottesville so special. So here are some facts that even the most die-hard Cville lover may not know:

1. Movies like Evan Almighty and Major Payne were filmed in Charlottesville.

2. Dr. Charles T Pepper (who got his medical degree from UVA) was the inspiration for the name of the popular soda.

3. Rob Lowe was born in Charlottesville.

4. "Barracks" actually refers to an Albemarle camp where German and British prisoners were kept during the Revolutionary War.

5. Charlottesville was named for Princess Charlotte, who became queen when she married King George III.

6. The Dave Matthews Band has its roots in Cville.

Did you know that Dave Matthews was a bartender at Miller's Bar on the Downtown Mall?

7. Parachute was formed in Charlottesville.

Parachute is the band that gave us all the feels with "Forever and Always". Two of the five members attended UVa, where they were in the Virginia Gentleman a cappella group. Hoo knew?!

8. WIlliam Faulkner and Georgia O'Keefe both taught at UVA.

Even O'Keeffe loved the Rotunda.

9. Sissy Spacek and her family currently live on a farm in Charlottesville.

Sissy Spacek was the title character in the original Carrie and has also starred in The Help and JFK.

10. Charlottesville was also home to Anna Anderson.

While living in Berlin, she claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. The family of Tsar Nicholas II was massacred in 1918 by communist revolutionaries. Anastasia's body was not found until 2007. Anna Anderson claimed to be the lost duchess in 1922 while she was staying in a mental hospital. She actually managed to persuade people that she was the missing duchess. In 1968, she married UVA history professor Jack Manahan and resided in Charlottesville until her death. A movie starring Glenn Close as Anderson is currently in the works.

These fun facts really show the personality of Charlottesville. The city may be known for its academic history and points of interest, but there's always a surprise and new things to be found!

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23 Things That Defined Your Childhood If You Were A Late 90s/Early 00s Baby

Own that pony tail. Work that up-do!

If you were born in the late 90s or early 00s then you grew up in the age of youtube, computer games, and Disney Channel. As we become adults, we are coming to the time what we love to reminisce on everything we played, watched, and listened to while we were growing up. We went through many stages of computer games: from Freddi Fish to PhotoBooth. If you are a millennial, you will know these 23 things as a huge part of your childhood.

1. FRED Youtube Videos

The annoyingly funny, fast-talking, youtube star, Fred, began the youtube craze that has yet to end.

2. Disney Channel Computer Games

Disney Channel's website had a plethora of games that we played for hours. Recently, BuzzFeed found links to the best of the best to let us relive our childhood.

3. The Amanda Show

Everyone's favorite show!

4. The Disney Channel Games

Our first (and best) version of the Olympics!

5. Webkinz

Let's face it. Most of us had 20+ Webkinz and spun the Wheel of WOW every day!

6. Space Jam

Classic movie turned frat theme.

7. Bon Qui Qui


You can follow Bon Qui Qui on Instagram @bonquiqui.

8. That’s So Sweet Life of Hannah Montanna

The crossover episode of a lifetime!

9. Razor phones

Everyone's dream phone.

10. Lizzie McGuire Movie

What could be better than Lizzie McGuire singing to Lizzie McGuire?

11. Can I Have Your Number

"The back of your head is ridiculous."

12. Neopets

Before Webkinz came around.

13. Tamagotchi

From keychain to Wii game, we had it all.

14. Bratz

The cool kids had Bratz dolls.

15. Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

"Ron... Ron... Ron... Ron WEASLEY."

16. Charlie The Unicorn

This youtube video was oddly entertaining.

17. Club Penguin

When we weren't on Webkinz, we were on Club Penguin.

18. Guitar Hero/Rock Band

We were basically all rockstars.

19. Steve Irwin


20. Life With Derek

A forgotten treasure.

21. The Potential Breakup Song

Aly and AJ rocked it when they weren't busy working in a dairy factory.

22. The Clique

These book-turned-movies were epic.

23. Charlie Bit My Finger


Although the youtube craze hasn't ended, it sure has changed!

Cover Image Credit: @alyandaj

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You Owe It To Yourself

You owe it to yourself to know that you don't owe anyone anything.

There have been times in my life that I've thought to myself "But I've put so much into this, I can't walk away..." and it's on so many different levels - friendships, relationships, jobs, hobbies, you name it. I understand that there are things that you feel the need to stick with and trust me, that's okay. There have been times that I've thought, "I just feel like I need to prove I'm strong enough to see it to the end..." but when that thing is consuming your life and only causing you stress and you're sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing, why are you still doing it? You can put your whole life into something and not ever feel fulfilled, so why do you owe your time, energy and commitment to something that isn't fulfilling?

Newsflash: you don't. You don't owe yourself to anything or anyone.

This is something that I know I struggle with, so I'm sure so many others out there do, too. You feel like you owe it to your job to check your email constantly, even when you're on vacation, trying to get away. You feel like you owe it to your friends to always go out because you don't have a real excuse to miss out, even if sometimes you're just not feeling up to it. You feel like you owe it to people to attend events or you owe it to a relationship to stick it out, regardless of if you've been happy in years. I get it, trust me, but you really don't have to.

Yes, there are certain obligations you do have to attend and you do want to be a good friend, good girlfriend, good employee, blah blah blah. I'm not saying ditch everything, blow all of your money, and be reckless, but you don't owe it to anyone to always say "yes" when you don't have a legitimate excuse. If you don't want to go out for drinks with friends or coworkers or whoever, just say, "No, but thanks for the invite." You don't HAVE to always have something better to do. It's okay to just not be up for it.

While it's great to feel the need to put your everything into something, you don't always have to pour every ounce of your happiness into it. If you're so stressed over your job day in and day out, why are you still there? It's really okay to look elsewhere or talk to your manager about switching things up. If they react in a way that they're willing to help you, then try hanging around. If they aren't willing to help, here it is again: you don't owe it to them to stay. Find a different job and even if that job doesn't work out, that's okay! Just don't pour your energy into something that isn't worth it to you.

In a relationship, so many people feel like they owe it to their significant other to stay because of a million different reasons. Trust me when I tell you, if you stay because you feel you have to, and not because you want to, it won't end well for anybody. Yes, ending a relationship is hard, but if you're only in it because you feel obligated and not because you love being in it (aside from loving the person in general - because there is a difference between loving someone and loving being with them), then you're not doing yourself or them any favors. Find a way to change things around or to walk away, because both you and the other person deserves this.

You don't owe yourself to anyone or anything. There's always a way to make things work out so that you're doing what you have to do, but also finding happiness in it. Next time you're thinking, "Why am I doing this?" make sure the answer is because you're happy and it brings you joy. If it does, great and if it doesn't, it's okay to move on.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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