Charlottesville: 10 Fun Facts

Charlottesville: 10 Fun Facts

Even the most die-hard Cville lover may not know some of these fun facts

To Wahoos, Charlottesville is the happiest place on Earth. In fact, a study done in 2014 actually named Charlottesville as the happiest city in America. There are so many things that make Charlottesville so special. So here are some facts that even the most die-hard Cville lover may not know:

1. Movies like Evan Almighty and Major Payne were filmed in Charlottesville.

2. Dr. Charles T Pepper (who got his medical degree from UVA) was the inspiration for the name of the popular soda.

3. Rob Lowe was born in Charlottesville.

4. "Barracks" actually refers to an Albemarle camp where German and British prisoners were kept during the Revolutionary War.

5. Charlottesville was named for Princess Charlotte, who became queen when she married King George III.

6. The Dave Matthews Band has its roots in Cville.

Did you know that Dave Matthews was a bartender at Miller's Bar on the Downtown Mall?

7. Parachute was formed in Charlottesville.

Parachute is the band that gave us all the feels with "Forever and Always". Two of the five members attended UVa, where they were in the Virginia Gentleman a cappella group. Hoo knew?!

8. WIlliam Faulkner and Georgia O'Keefe both taught at UVA.

Even O'Keeffe loved the Rotunda.

9. Sissy Spacek and her family currently live on a farm in Charlottesville.

Sissy Spacek was the title character in the original Carrie and has also starred in The Help and JFK.

10. Charlottesville was also home to Anna Anderson.

While living in Berlin, she claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. The family of Tsar Nicholas II was massacred in 1918 by communist revolutionaries. Anastasia's body was not found until 2007. Anna Anderson claimed to be the lost duchess in 1922 while she was staying in a mental hospital. She actually managed to persuade people that she was the missing duchess. In 1968, she married UVA history professor Jack Manahan and resided in Charlottesville until her death. A movie starring Glenn Close as Anderson is currently in the works.

These fun facts really show the personality of Charlottesville. The city may be known for its academic history and points of interest, but there's always a surprise and new things to be found!

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7 Unrealistic Expectations That Glee Gave Me For High School

As much as I love this show, I did have to suspend some disbelief when watching.

If most theatre/music kids think back on the shows they were obsessed with during their middle school and early high school years, Glee is bound to come up. I, as a singer and performer, was OBSESSED. I would even wake up early on Friday mornings (and we’re talking like 5 a.m.) to watch the episode that had recorded the night before.

I, like everyone else, jumped up and down with joy when Finn and Rachel got back together (even though it cost them Nationals) and knew that Kurt and Blaine were SOULMATES. Now, while I love Glee as much as the next theatre-nerd, I cannot forgive the creators for giving me COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC expectations for high school, such as the ones below. Also, if you have never seen Glee, every episode is on Netflix. You’re welcome.

1. Singing. Singing, ALL THE TIME.

High School Musical, Glee did not indicate that if you do break out into song during lunch, they call the school psychologist.

2. Do they ever go to class?

O.K., this is a legitimate question. I’m pretty sure there are only like two scenes that actually show them learning, and that is before they rudely interrupt the teacher to perform an ill-timed Katy Perry hit. Honestly, if I was their teacher, they would be in detention faster than you could say “Teenage Dream.”

3. Do they ever have homework?

Along with that last point, this is another pressing question I have. During high school, I would be up until 2:00 in the morning studying for AP Chemistry, but I never saw Rachel Berry crack open a textbook. When they were not in Glee Club, they were hanging out with their significant other and getting pregnant (@Quinn Fabray). Maybe if they actually had homework, we would have less teenage love-making. Just sayin...

4. Relationships

9 times out of 10, the high school quarterback does not fall in love with the weird theatre nerd (trust me, I know). At least in my high school, the quarterback was too focused on getting a scholarship to date anyone, ever. I remember having a crush on one of the players on the football team, but he noticed me the way my cat notices my new haircut. So, sorry Rachel Berry, but in an actual high school setting, you and Finn may have exchanged two words tops.


She was literally failing all of her classes, but then she got accepted into MIT. For those of you who don’t know, the average GPA for those accepted into MIT is a 4.2 and the average ACT is a 35. So basically, you have to have the mind of Stephen Hawking (RIP YOU AMAZING HUMAN). However, this occurrence was so unrealistic that I couldn’t even take it seriously; I think that was kind of the point.

6. Getting MARRIED at 18

People do not get married right after graduation, like, ever (and that’s a good thing). Along with teenage lovemaking, Glee probably should have tried not to encourage this as much.

7. Teachers dating students


Cover Image Credit: Twitter

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10 Awkwardly Hilarious Work Stories To Read While You're Bored On The Job

She had just changed her baby's diaper and the ring I was holding had poop in it.

Due to the high volume of requests, I have decided to write 10 of the most awkwardly horrifying work stories that Facebook had to offer. So sit back in that desk, grab that cheap cup of joe, and enjoy some relatable work stories:

1. The Grindr mishap

"I was at work at Elmer's, and a guy came in to eat. When he was heading out, he walked past me at the register, stopped for a moment and looked at me confused. He said, "Do I know you from somewhere?". I said, "I don't think so, why?", and he asked me if I knew what the Grindr app was. I looked at him confused, and said it was an app for men to meet up and hookup, right? He seriously asked me, "Yeah, you sure you're not on there?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah...I'm pretty sure my girlfriend would be fairly upset if I were active on a hookup app like that"

He left, but that was the first time I ever was approached like that! I was in disbelief."

2. She went to Jared?

"I work at a jewelry store and people come in all the time to get their jewelry cleaned. The sheer amount of disgusting stuff that can come out of people's earrings and rings is enough to make me gag most days. But, this one particular woman came into my store to get her wedding set cleaned. I took the ring from her and started checking all of the diamonds to make sure none of them were loose. Observing the ring, I saw something that looked kind of brown and soft.

That moment she told me that she had just changed her baby's diaper and the ring I was holding had poop in it.

She gave me no warning and no chance to get a paper towel or gloves. After she told me, I sort of hot-potato'd the ring, tossed it into the cleaning solution, and proceeded to rush to the nearest sink and washed my hands for 20 minutes. It was horrific."

3. Operation barista hookup

"My boss singlehandedly hooked up my boyfriend and I because she shipped us so hard. Before we started dating, she would carefully work my schedule around when she knew he would come in, put me on the register and bar just so that I would be the only one he would interact with.

The day I gave him my number, she shoved me onto the floor where I tripped right in front of him, caught myself on the pastry case, stood back up, and went, "oh hey."

She stood there hovering until I eventually gave him my phone number, and the rest is history. Absolutely the most awkward and hilarious thing to ever happen to me at work."

4. Think outside the bun

"When I worked for Taco Bell, my boss legit had a thing for me. So, he would try to grab my ass and follow me into the walk-in constantly. He also had a cocaine addiction, and I caught him doing lines in his car on his lunch break.

Needless to say, I quit."

5. "Crazy Steven"

"It was about 9 pm, and I was working the closing shift duties, and cleaning the tables off. A man in his 60's, self-proclaimed "Crazy Steven," was talking loudly to another person who was trying to ignore him. I went to clean the table off behind him, and he asked if I needed him to move, in which I said: "no you're good, you don't need to move."

He then said, "Wow, thanks, a woman hasn't said that to me in years!"

I instantly left, disgusted. I reported it to the night manager, who then informed me that he once followed another worker to his car because he wanted a "hug", and wouldn't take no for an answer. I honestly don't know how he isn't banned from the store yet."

6. Bad reviews

"I worked with this girl, and we both hated our job at the time, and eventually found new ones together. While in training for our new job, I was googling reviews of our old job, and we stumbled across one that said the business was relatively good, except she would notice a couple of girls who would always smoke weed in the parking lot, inside of a van and a silver car.

I had the silver car, and my friend had the van."

7. BFFs

"My team lead has created countless rumors about me and how I'm having sex with one of my former coworkers.

It just made me laugh because he's my best friend and he is flamboyantly gay."

8. Work drama

"When I was 15, I had dated someone who worked at the same place as me, who was 18. After a few months, I broke up with him, and the guy went crazy! He flooded me with texts, calls, he even showed up at my house and made threats if I wouldn't talk to him. I ended up having to get a restraining order on him.

One month after the restraining order was removed, and he couldn't get arrested for coming near me, a couple of my friends and I did an interview for a commercial related to our work field, and there he was: being interviewed as well.

No one in the room knew about the weird past between us, so the awkward tension was INTENSE.

Luckily, I looked fine as hell, and he looked like he was going to cry, so I got to have the last laugh."

9. Retail probz

"So I was doing my normal duties, folding jeans, walking around- the normal retail chores. This couple approached me as I'm folding some jeans, and the girl asked me for a room. We walked over to the fitting rooms, I counted her items and said to put anything she didn't want back on the rack when she was finished.

So I went about my day; walked off and finished folding my jeans section when I heard moaning and high pitched giggling.

I looked around the store, and the guy was nowhere to be seen, so I figured he was in the dressing room with his girlfriend. I knocked on the door and awkwardly said: "Sorry, only one person in the fitting room at a time." The giggling and moaning stopped, and I slowly walked away.

Then I heard more moaning, and I walked by and saw three legs under the door, so at this point I was more than positive that they were having sex.

I angrily knocked on the door, and said: "Sir, you need to come out of the fitting room". It got quiet, and I angrily stated, "Now sir!"

They both bolted out of the store, and left all of the clothes on the floor for me to pick up."

10. Employee five finger discount

"I was working at Victoria's Secret, and we had these coupon deals for free $20 after a $40 purchase. This was during the holiday season, so everything was extremely fast-paced.

The day before Thanksgiving, I was working a full day shift, and I was behind the cash wrap the entire day. I kept noticing someone was stashing the $20 off coupons under the registers, and hiding them in the back of drawers.

I then realized one of my coworkers was jacking all of these coupons for her on vendetta.

Of course, I told my managers, the girl was fired, and I was promised $200 for reporting it, even though they never came through with it.

Lesson learned: Doing the right thing gives you self-appreciation, but cheap stores don't."

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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