61 One Liners That Prove Dave Matthews Is A Legend
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61 One Liners That Prove Dave Matthews Is A Legend

61 One Liners That Prove Dave Matthews Is A Legend

Dave Matthew's lyrics are that of a timeless love story, and for that he is legendary.

Has anyone looked up the lyrics and meaning behind Beyonce's "Drunk in Love"? It's disturbing. Love the song, but it's not one of Bey's classiest confessions. Rarely is love written about with class these days. But then there is Dave, and Dave will always have my heart. Over twenty plus years he writes about love like no other. Here are 61 lyrics that will make you want to love like Dave. 

  1. "I could never love again, so much as I love you."
  2. "And if I'm fallin' I don't want to stop, I give up everything to have your love."
  3. "Love is not a whisper, or a weakness, love is strong."
  4. "I am no Superman, I have no reasons for you."
  5. "Stay or leave, I want you not to go."
  6. "I have no lid upon my head, but if I did, you could look inside and see what's on my mind. Oh, it's you."
  7. "You know that feeling when you're in too deep, and then you make it out, the taste so sweet."
  8. "It's a typical situation in these typical times, too many choices."
  9. "The things I like about you, God and the devil alone could not have made you up."
  10. "I'm bare boned and crazy for you."
  11. "Crazy how you make it all right."
  12. "Look at me dreaming of you, all I could hope is to have you."
  13. "The way your mouth feels in your lover's kiss. Like a pretty bird on a breeze, or water to a fish."
  14. "Take what you need and we disappear. Without a trace we'll be gone, gone"
  15. "Someday that girls gonna take your mind, and then you'll know."
  16. "Know troubles they may come and go, but good times, they're the gold."
  17. "If your load gets heavy girl, I will lift you up."
  18. "Everybody asks me how she's doin', has she really lost her mind? I said, I couldn't tell you, I've lost mine."
  19. "Where you're smiling high, is where you'll find me if I get to go."
  20. "We look at each other, wondering what the other is thinking but never say a thing."
  21. "If only I could have you, just the way I want you."
  22. "In your eyes, love, it glows so."
  23. "Hike up your skirt a little more, and show your world to me."
  24. "Say my love, do you believe that we might last a thousand years."
  25. "Lost for you, I'm so lost for you."
  26. "Love, you drive me to distraction."
  27. "You and me have a better time than most can dream, have it better than the best."
  28. "Turns out, not where, but who you're with that really matters."
  29. "Confess, your kiss still knocks me off my legs."
  30. "You'll forever be my one true broken heart."
  31. "I closed my eyes still see her face, I'd give my soul take back that day."
  32. "If God don't like me, he can send me to hell. But I love the way you love me."
  33. "Where you go, is where I want to be."
  34. "Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything."
  35. "Where you end and where I begin is like a river going through."
  36. "Take my eyes, take my heart, I need them no more if never again they fall upon the one I so adore."
  37. "Oh how I wish this, to turn back the clock and do it all over again."
  38. "One drink to remember, another to forget.
  39.  "I dance a thousand steps for you. If you say yes to me."
  40. "Am I a fool, a fool for you?"
  41. "You cannot quit me so quickly."
  42. "All we can do, my love, is hope we don't take this ship down."
  43. "The space between, your heart and mine is the space we'll fill with time."
  44. "I know I'll miss her later, wish I could bend my love to hate her."
  45. "I sleep just to dream her, I beg the night just to see her."
  46. "Wish I could be her creator, to be the light in her eyes."
  47. "What you are, is the devil in the sweet"
  48. "Come winter I will build you a fire, from the bones of who I used to be."
  49. "You are like a secret garden, as I shuffle through this broken town."
  50. "Think of you, and you are all around me, like the sky when the sun's going down."
  51. "You can't always change the way things are. Like I can't change the way I think of you."
  52. "You're like my best friend"
  53. "You blow my head open. Of this there's no doubt."
  54. "I do my best for you, I think the world of you, all of my heart I do."
  55. "You alone have all of me, I give my world to you."
  56. "You've got your ball, you've got your chain, tied to me tight, tie me up again."
  57. "By my lover's side, together share this smile."
  58. "I'm just a fool baby, plain' mister cool baby."
  59. "Baby, when I think about you, all I wanna do is be by your side, take a little ride"
  60. "Whatever your heart desires, love, I'll clear the way for you."
  61. "Wherever I dreamed I was, you were with me."
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