Why You Should Go Greek
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Why You Should Go Greek

Recruitment might just be the best risk you take this year

Why You Should Go Greek
Nathan Worden

This year, Chapman is undergoing a huge change to campus culture; we're switching to deferred formal recruitment! As an active member of a sorority, it has proven to be quite the challenge. Between having to completely rework our finances to accommodate for not having a new member class in the fall to rethinking officer transitions, the transition has been interesting to say the least. With this switch has also come more excitement in preparing for welcoming new members in the spring. If you're still on the fence about registering for recruitment, here are some things to keep in mind about going Greek.

1. It is so much fun.

This may seem the most trivial, but being in a sorority is a lot of fun. It doesn't matter if you're at formal or if you just run into your sisters at Starbucks, there are endless opportunities to make incredible memories with the women in your chapter. Not only that, but there are events such as Greek Week that invite the whole Greek community together for events such as Tug-O-War, Chalk Walk, and Banner and Chant.

2. There are endless opportunities to lead.

Every chapter operates differently, but there leadership opportunities for leadership on many different levels. You can be a chapter officer, committee chairwoman, Skit/ Airbands/ Banner and Chant chair, serve on Panhellenic council, serve as a Rho Gamma, and the list continues. If you're looking for a way to develop and hone your leadership skills, chances are you'll find what you're looking for in the Greek community.

3. You will find friendship and mutual support that will last a lifetime.

Just a few days ago, my sister and I were in a car accident on our way home for Thanksgiving break. In the following twenty-four hours, at least ten of my sorority sisters and my roommates (who are affiliated to a different chapter) texted me to make sure my sister and I were okay and to ask if there was anything they could do. You will learn the true definition of sisterhood by witnessing how incredible it is. The support of sisterhood can come in so many forms.

"I found a chapter and a group of women though who shared and exemplified my values and I am so thankful that I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new." Ketzia Abramson- Junior, Integrated Education Studies, Alpha Gamma Delta

4. Contrary to popular belief, your academics will improve.

There's this stupid myth that by joining a sorority, your grades will plummet. Time to debunk. There is a minimum GPA requirement to even go through recruitment and you must uphold a certain GPA to remain in good standing with your chapter. GPA averages often determine room placements and how chapters get to pick things for recruitment, not to mention requirements from each chapter's national governance, so each chapter makes it a priority to help members keep their academics at the top of their priority list. Plus, I often have at least one sister in each class, which helps keep me accountable, plus you get a built-in study buddy.

5. We're just as nervous as you are.

Recruitment can be a scary and overwhelming process. I remember my own formal recruitment like it was yesterday, and I remember being so terrified. But I also remember my first time recruiting as an active and I was just as scared. How are you supposed to convey to another person the power of your sisterhood or how special your philanthropy is or how much your chapter means to you in under an hour? It's virtually impossible, but ultimately, incredibly exciting. The prospect of bringing more likeminded, hard-working, fabulous women into all of our incredible sisterhoods is why we do this.

6. You will be a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

In my three and a half years in my chapter, I've had the opportunity to attend two national events and got to witness Kappas of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences come together to celebrate the values and heritage that unite us all. It's comforting knowing that my organization will be there until the day I die to support me, uplift me, and give me a bigger reason to do my little perfectly.

"Going Greek has brought me into a community of strong women dedicated to bettering themselves and those around them. Greek Life has given me a support system of women that I look up to and could not have found anywhere else. Knowing I have the safety and love of Theta to come home to is what pushes me to keep searching for more, to take risks, and accept new challenges." Megan Hertz Jansen, Junior, Television Writing and Production, Kappa Alpha Theta.

Going Greek can be a huge commitment, but for me, it has been worth every second. It was the best decision I ever made, and I can only hope that you can say the same in just a few short months.

Find our more about Greek life here: http://www.chapmanpanhellenic.com/

Register for formal recruitment here: http://www.chapman.edu/students/life/greek-life/so...

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