To Changing Something in Your Day,

Hey readers! This week's focus is making small changes to your daily routine. As always, routines vary from individual to individual. I'd also like to mention that in no way, shape, or form are my suggestions binding to anyone.

I have written a similar open letter in the past, but the one for this week zeros in on specifics rather than the spirit of change itself.

In the past week, I have noticed a shift in energy, spiritually and physically alike. One of the things that have been different is sleeping. I am not saying I magically became good at getting a good amount of z's, but there is a burst of much needed physical energy. I give huge credit to investing in a weighted blanket. Although it isn't a good fit for everyone, it has helped tremendously with receiving quality sleep.

Another suggestion for creating healthy change is taking a break from social media. I am making it a habit to check my social media accounts less and less, especially when I'm at home. I use the Internet primarily for work, but, like many, I also communicate with family and friends there. I have taken hiatus from my social platforms before, but this time around, it feels especially calming. My spiritual health is felt and replacing this with other activities, like reading, makes a positive impact.

The last element is pretty simple, so try not to laugh: drinking more water. I know there can be plenty of Google search results for what health benefits good old H2O has, but for the purpose of this article, I'll just mention that it has assisted with my energy. There's something about drinking this throughout the day that makes me feel much better, especially under stress.

With the coming seasonal changes, I hope one of these tips help in keeping your daily routine as smooth as possible. You'll find some things that work better than others but make sure it is keeping you safe and healthy. May you gain more positive and upbeat energies and always remember to take some time to yourself and for yourself. Have an excellent week, readers!