A Look At This Year's CFB Playoff Games

Although it is a relatively new thing to college football, the College Football Playoff is one of the most anticipated events of the football season. Each year teams compete in order to try and secure one of four spots in the one game playoff. Each spot is determined mostly by the team's record, but things such as the strength of schedule, historical successes, and overall quality of play in the past season.

This year the top four teams were determined to be The University of Alabama, Oklahoma University, Clemson University, and The University of Notre Dame. Both games are scheduled for December 29, 2018. The Cotton Bowl will feature the Clemson Tigers facing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in Arlington, TX, while the Orange Bowl will feature the Alabama Crimson Tide facing the Oklahoma Sooners in Miami, FL.

Cotton Bowl Classic

Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers are no stranger to the CFB playoff as they make their fourth appearance in a row. It is not the same story for the Fighting Irish because this will be their first playoff appearance. Each team is undefeated and each team has a standout defense. Clemson's defensive line is one of the best, if not the best, in college football right now. Putting pressure on the Fighting Irish's quarterback, Ian Book, could be a big piece in completing this puzzle for Clemson. On the other side, Notre Dame holds its own on defense as well, which aids in making up for a less than impressive offense. Not being a part of a conference has often kept Notre Dame out of championship talk, but this 2018 has proved that they belong right where they are. Fans should expect a low scoring game, but a thrilling one.

Orange Bowl

Newly crowned Heisman trophy winner, Kyler Murray, will try to lead his Sooner offense to victory over the reigning National Champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide. With Tua (or Jalen?) leading the Tide's offense on the other side, we can expect a game that is dominated by offense. Alabama's defense is young but has played strong throughout the year. However, the Sooner's offense will be a test of stamina for the young squad. The same is true for the Oklahoma defense, as it has not been the Sooners' greatest asset this season. Coming off the big SEC Championship win, the Tide has a lot of momentum on their side, but there is no greater motivation than beating defending champs.

Overall, each of these teams has fought their way to the top four, and all deserve the spot they have been given. Majority of predictions have place Alabama and Clemson in a 2017 National Championship rematch, but the Sooners and Fighting Irish should not be counted out.

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