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7 Promising Teams To Make It To The College Football Playoffs

Who's in and what if scenarios

7 Promising Teams To Make It To The College Football Playoffs

These are the teams with the strongest Chance of finding themselves in the College football playoff's, and this is where I believe they should be ranked going into Conference Championship weekend and with the things chance in college football, I definitely recommend you stay tuned for the Championship games this upcoming weekend.

University Of Alabama (12-0)

Strength of Schedule rank- 35th

Alabama cruised through the regular season finishing with a perfect record of 12-0, but what made this year special... Alabama did something that hasn't been done since 1888 and that is outscoring each of its first twelve opponents by twenty or more points including a 52-21 win over rival Auburn to finish the year. It is hard to argue that Alabama shouldn't be number one and that being said they have been the unanimous number one in multiple weeks this year. They will look to lock up a playoff spot in the Sec Championship Against Rival Georgia (12/1 at 3:00pm) who will presumably take the number four spot in the new college football playoff rankings. Alabama and Georgia squared off last season in the National Championship, so this one should be a fun one. This will possibly be Alabama's 5th Straight CFP appearance.

Clemson University (12-0)

Strength of Schedule Rank- 79th

An inconsistent start that led to a strong finish. Clemson had a QB controversy early in the year but it became clear early that true Freshman Trevor Lawrence was the man for the job. Clemson may have given up a little too many points against rival South Carolina but the take away is the fact that this is their fifth straight win over South Carolina and that is the first time that has been done in school history. On top of that, they finished a perfect 12-0. Clemson will look to lock up a spot in the College Football Playoffs with a win over (24) Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship (12/1 7:00 pm). If Clemson comes away with a win this will be their 4th straight CFP appearance.

Notre Dame (12-0)

Strength of Schedule Rank - 61

Notre Dame will be looking to make their first College Football Playoff appearance and after finishing the season undefeated. They have an edge over all the other teams looking to lock a spot. That advantage being the fact that Notre Dame doesn't play in a conference and doesn't have to worry about winning a conference championship to sure up their spot. They are most likely in with no worries at this point. This is the Fighting Irish's best finish since the 2013 season where they finished the regular season undefeated though lost miserably in the National Championship. This may be their opportunity to dethrone Alabama and avenge that game. Many people thought Brian Kelley head coach for Notre Dame was on the hot seat coming into the season so this has been a win so far for this team.

University of Georgia (11-1)

Strength of Schedule- 33rd

After running away from Georgia Tech in Last week's Game the Bulldog's find themselves in a pretty good spot. After a pretty good season on both sides of the ball excluding the lone loss to conference rival Louisiana State University, Georgia has played well in the last couple of games. As they make a final push for a playoff spot they will have to overcome (1) Alabama in the SEC Championship and look to become back to back SEC Champs and back to back playoff appearances.

University of Oklahoma (11-1)

Strength of schedule - 71

(The Kyler Murray Show) With a single loss to Texas, Oklahoma has had a pretty good season but don't get me wrong the good season is what is said when speaking for the Offense. The Defense has been somewhat of a nightmare. Though, when your offense is this good, why even play defense? With that being said Oklahoma is allowing on average 42 points which is the highest ever for someone with a winning record. It is a reason many experts think Ohio state (also 1 loss) should be ranked ahead of Oklahoma, but in my opinion, Oklahoma's one loss is more credibly ranked. (14)Texas, who they lost to by 3 points and will play again this week in the Big 12 Championship (12/1 11:00am) in hopes of finding a playoff spot. Oklahoma is also looking to make this their 2nd consecutive playoff appearance.

Ohio State University (11-1)

Strength of Schedule - 49th

Dwayne Haskins and Ohio State finally found themselves playing good football for four quarters this past week over rival (4)Michigan in which they won 62-39. This Ohio State team has been very inconsistent and has struggled at times against some really bad teams this season barely escaping and losing by multiple touchdowns to a 6-6 Purdue. Ohio State may have finally done something this past week and may still have shot at the playoff's but before they can put themselves in the running they will have to put up a good win in the Big 10 Conference Championship against (19) Northwestern (12/1 7:00 pm).

University of Central Florida (11-0)

Strength of schedule - 95th

Although the University of Central Florida has the longest win streak and finished the season undefeated for the second year in a row, they may not find themselves in a playoff spot once again. UCF has week schedule and didn't play any of the power 5 conference schools which really hurts them, and to add to it they just lost their starting QB for the year. With that being said, they are a long-shot for the playoffs. In the case that the teams ahead of them can't capitalize in their conference championships then UCF might find a way in, but first, they will also have to beat Memphis in the American East Conference Championship (12/1 2:30 pm)

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