Is It A Good Idea For Celebrities To Be Opening Up About Mental Illness?
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Is It A Good Idea For Celebrities To Be Opening Up About Mental Illness?

Should celebrities open up about their mental illness to their fans or keep it private?

Is It A Good Idea For Celebrities To Be Opening Up About Mental Illness?

Mental health has been a popular topic for discussion this past year and the relationship that some major celebrities have to mental health. Why are these celebrities opening up about having some type of mental illness? It could be possible that they are wanting to seem like they are just any other person who is not famous. They know that their fans have personal issues that sometimes are very difficult to face, especially when it comes to their health.

When celebrities come out about their health or mental health and their fan base gains knowledge about it, their fans feel a type of connection to them. Knowing this about someone that is famous and an inspiration to them allows the fans to feel connected. For example, Demi Lovato has been a big inspiration for many, me included. She has inspired many who struggle with self harm, body image, drug abuse, and even family issues. Mariah Carey came out with having Bipolar disorder, Selena Gomez has been open with her depression and anxiety.

Dwayne Johnson came out about his fight with depression and Adam Levine discussed having ADHD. Many people may think that only women who are celebrities have had a bigger platform when it comes to talking about mental health and it may be true, but that does not overshadow that there are also male celebrities who have been open to their fans about their mental state and their struggles with it.

With celebrities being open about their health rather it be physical or mental, their fans, later on, feel more connected to them. Celebrities have a platform that they can use to bring awareness to many things such as mental health. It allows them to speak out about it, gain professional information, and share to the public what they have learned throughout their struggle.

Sharing about their medication usage, using alternatives things that are not drugs to help them. It allows them to speak about a subject that not only has been a topic of discussion but a topic that is not discussed thoroughly enough.

Can celebrities sharing their struggle with mental health help promote awareness and support? What do you think?

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