Makeup. No one is a bigger advocate than me. I love makeup. If I could, I would bathe myself in highlighter and my closest friends know that I have spent hours on end practicing the perfect winged liner. I would be the last person to talk down on it; however, there is no way I'm going to wear makeup every day.

Being a college student can get very busy. Having an 8 am is already way earlier than I want to be up and the last thing I want to do is wake up 45 minutes before my class to put on a complete face of makeup. The majority of the week you will see me sporting the "fresh face" look. The best part? There is NOTHING special about it.

Everywhere you look on social media, it seems as though celebrities get glorified and worshiped for going out in public with no makeup. "Kendall Jenner is not wearing any makeup today, so I do not have to either," seems to be something I have heard numerous people my age say. Why are we a generation that allows our confidence and self-esteem to be rooted in another individual?

The idea that celebrities are better than the average person is something that has always bothered me. I am a firm believer that yes, they are talented, but these talents do not make them "supreme" to others. You shouldn't wear makeup because you do not want to do. You should be confident about not wearing makeup because that is the natural version of who you are.

When I do not wear makeup it is because life is busy or I genuinely did not feel like wearing it that day. I am not looking for attention and I think that is the beauty in it. I do it for myself and not with the hope of receiving attention because I skipped baking my face today.

In no way is this an article bashing celebrities but rather an article that is trying to bring awareness to the fact that they are NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS. It seems to me that if a celebrity does anything, it is glamorized. They decide to eat kale and all of a sudden kale is in style. They wear an ugly outfit and it becomes the latest fashion trend. Why is it that nothing is actually "socially acceptable" until a celebrity does it?

Just because a celebrity does not wear makeup does not mean I do not have to; just because a celebrity does wear makeup does not mean I have to. We need to stop following those who are put in the spotlight and allow ourselves to make decisions based on what we want to do. A celebrity is not "special" because they go bare-faced out in public. It does not mean that they are braver, more confident, or prettier than you. The only difference between you and the celebrity who goes out without makeup is the amount of attention they are going to receive.

We live in a society so vain that one pimple can cause paparazzi to go on a tangent about how a celebrity does not take care of her skin. Or it can cause an average person to feel better about his/herself because celebrities "are just like me."

Celebrities are everyday people. They are just like you and me and hey if it makes you feel any better? Give yourself a pat on the back the next time you walk out the door with no-makeup, because you are beautiful.