I am Catholic. I was raised Catholic — I went to church every Sunday, I was baptized, I received Holy Communion, and I was confirmed. On the weekends, I went to youth group and in the summers I went to vacation bible school. However, just because I was raised Catholic does not mean that is totally why those are my beliefs. I am Catholic because I experience the love of God in my everyday life and I can see His miracles surrounding me.

Now my boyfriend, on the other hand, is agnostic. He does not know whether or not he believes that God exists. He was raised religious but, as time went on, he developed his own views. He does not deny the existence of God, but he also does not believe in the existence of God.

I am often befuddled as to how he cannot just "know" that God exists; how he cannot just see God's miracles surrounding him.

I take my Faith very seriously and my boyfriend understands and respects that. He never tries to belittle my Faith or mocks it, but rather, he asks questions about my beliefs in order to learn more. He wants to understand what goes on in my mind just like I want to understand what goes on in his.

I cannot say that I truly understand his beliefs (or rather, his lack of them). But, I do know to believe this — God loves me and God loves him. I will have the opportunity for eternal life in Heaven, and so will he. God does not discriminate against those who do not believe in him; he loves all of his children. My boyfriend does not know what to expect for himself after this life, but I have Faith that I will see him again.

The best advice I have is to accept that it is okay to not agree on everything and also to respect each other's different views. After all, in life, it is our differences that make us unique (we don't want a world full of clones now, do we?).

Do I still hold out hope that he will one-day re-accept God? Yes, I do. But I also know that, if you truly love someone, it can work besides the differences.

I am a Catholic gal and I truly love my agnostic guy.