32 Toe Beans To Brighten Your Day

32 Cat Toe Beans To Brighten Your Day

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Nothing on this planet can brighten a humans day that toe beans. If you are not aware of what toe beans are, see this article, but if you enjoy these 32 images of our beloved toe beans.

14. Delicate Pink Beans...

Lestatte's Photography on Instagram: “📍 Singapore 📸 Canon EOS 700D 📅 17 August 2013 #nofilter #singapore #RIPmybaby #mybelovedtiger #cat #meow #neko #mao #kuching #paws #cute…”

18. Marbled Beans...

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9 Funny Cat GIFs To Brighten Your Mood

People who hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life. -Faith Resnick

Cats are the of the greatest creatures to bless the Earth, and they do some pretty funny things on a daily basis. Since moving to college, my favorite thing to do when I go home is pet my cats, which are honestly my best friends. Forget people, I could live with cats the rest of my life and be perfectly content with it. They're fluffy and full of entertainment. Why need TV when I can watch cat GIFs all day?

Here are 9 funny cat GIFs to brighten your mood on this rainy spring day.

This is very much a cat-ception. But it makes me laugh every time he gets sucked back into the box.

I'd totally go out every weekend if the bars downtown had cats as DJ's. I don't know about you, but I think that would be the definition of "lit".

This just makes me laugh all the time. Plain and simple and he's just so chubby. This is good to send to a friend when they dish out the shocking drama.

I've seen so many "cat with bread on his head" GIFs but I hope you LOL at them all because they don't know how to act and it's just hilarious.

This is me when I'm typing a paper at 11 and its due at 11:59. Wish I went to the library and saw cats chilling at computers, typing away like this. You can find video this originally came from here.

Turtle cat will always win my heart. Every. Single. Time. It's more cute than funny BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Kinda amazed by what's going on here, and partially confused. Like, what is he sliding down?

The paper guitar makes this funnier than it needs to be, but he looks like he's saying, "Human, why do you make me do this? This bowtie is not my color."

This infamous cat vine. If only you could hear the audio because it makes it 10x better. Sad I can never re-vine this anymore when I see it. R.I.P. The original Vine is on YouTube here.

I hope these cats put a little sunshine and happiness into your day. I know they sure did to me.

Cover Image Credit: WallpapersWide

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When You Give A Stray Cat A Home

Most people don't know the difference between a stray cat and a community cat, yet these animals lives depend on it.


The difference between a stray and a community cat.

Stray cats are people's pets who have become lost or abandoned. These cats are very friendly and comfortable around people. Stray cats are usually completely reliant on humans and haven't been able to adapt to life in the wild. They're the ones that will usually post up in your backyard or garage, hoping you'll feed them or give them some love. Community cats are those that have likely been raised in the wild. They've adapted to living on the streets, tend to keep their distance from humans, and like it this way. Community cats often live in colonies that allow them to live a longer life- especially with the help of a human caretaker. Caretakers provide spay/neutering, shelter, and regular feedings for community cats; allowing them to survive and live a long, happy life.

When you give a stray cat a home, you potentially save a life.

It's a tough world out there. Stray cats face many dangers in the wild like starvation and extreme weather conditions. Most of the kittens born in the wild will die within their kitten-hood due to diseases, parasites, and infection that they've been exposed to in the environment. Even then, if they survive their first few months their lifespan is still only expected to be about two years living on its own. People can be cruel and will set poison traps among other cruel attempts to eliminate the stray and community cats (In MY college town, there was food found on the side of the road where a colony of community cats lived that contained razor blades intended to harm them).

When you give a rescue a home, you give a rescue hope.

While some stray cats learn to adapt to the wild, "community cats" often tolerate human interaction, and in some ways, depend on humans for survival. These animals may be shy and abused by strangers in the past, but give them a chance. Offering help and kindness to a stray or community cat can encourage them to warm up to you, and give them a sense of hope. They have feelings too.

When you give a stray a home, you gain a best-friend

As I said before; a "home" to a stray doesn't even have to be living inside your house; a home to a stray could be your garage, under your porch, or any type of shelter around your house. Remember, these cats are likely to approach you and want affection. When you offer them shelter and food, they will become your best friend. ALL of my animals are rescues. We share a special bond, and they are so thankful and absolutely know who rescued them from the dark. They'll always be by your side and love you no matter what.

When you give a stray a home, you give them love, security, hope, and life.

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