First things first, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, stop what you're doing, and go WATCH IT!

Move on over Cinderella and Aurora. Meet Captain Marvel, the new chick in town! She doesn't need saving, unlike the Disney princesses!

In fact, Captain Marvel is here to save everyone else from an impending doom.

Many girls (and women) around the world have been begging for a spandex-clad heroine to swoop in and save the day. Up until this point, all we've had are dozens of male superheroes. Which isn't a bad thing but we've yearned for a feminine hero we can relate to on a basic level.

Specifically, not a princess who is crying for a prince to come to sweep her off her feet, to a new life.

Brie Larson is the perfect badass to do just that.


She's ready to be the strong woman AND superhero for little girls (and boys) to admire. She is using this role to break down the stigma of a tomboy and what it means to be a role model that isn't adorning lace and wishing for a prince charming.

Captain Marvel has even been argued to be the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. She can fly, heal rapidly, has a sixth sense, immunity to most poisons, and can shoot immensely strong blasts. Complete with magical glowing hair. She's about more than just raw strength but has a limitless emotional strength and a "get-it-done" attitude that will stop any villain in their tracks.


The trailer shows us that Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel, is a woman of many faces. She's trained as a soldier, is preparing for a space invasion, and even convinced a young Nick Fury to have some faith in renegades. She is all strapped in and prepared to rock our world. And boy, are we ready for her debut!

'Captain Marvel' will hit theaters on March 8th, 2019.