A common human reaction when something moves us, whether it be to sadness or extreme happiness, is to cry. Sometimes, we bottle it all up and then it overtakes us while watching a movie or listening to a song.

Well, I don't know about you, but I often enjoy a good cry movie. It's nice to let it out but also nice to feel something with the characters.

1. "Marley And Me"


This movie ruined me when I was a kid, and it ruins me now. The bond between a family and their dog which comes to a sad end gets me every time.

2. "A Dog's Purpose"


I am pretty sure I cried this entire movie. Every. Single. Time. That the dog died. I was a mess. Worse than Marley and Me.

3. "If I Stay"


Man, oh, man. This one gets me. Especially that scene at the end.

4. "Me Before You"


Right in the heart. Just hit me with your car, it'd be easier than watching this kill me slowly.

5. "Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2"


*Spoiler alert*




Simply for the fact that Finnick dies.

6. "Hachi"


Sad dog movies should be illegal, that's all I am saying.

7. "Inside Out"


Literally, only for this scene.

8. "Dear John"


I don't know what's worse: When Savannah breaks up with John through a letter, or when his dad passes away.

Either way, I'm a mess every time.

9. "The Help"


This scene gets me right in the heart. That poor little girl.

10. "The Vow"


I pray to God that I never go through anything like what he went through. But I also pray I find a guy who will pursue me as hard as he pursued her.

11. "Steel Magnolias"


Maybe it's because I acted this scene out in my drama class, but when the mom goes on a rant about how much it hurts because her daughter died I die a bit inside, too.

So if you need a good cry, pop in one of these movies and grab your tissues. As much as you'll think "I hate this movie," I am sure you'll enjoy it.