Goodbye beat up black backpack.

Goodbye "healthy afterschool snack."

Goodbye boy who was in my every class since freshman year, yet I never spoke a word to.

Goodbye boy who wouldn’t study for anything and always make an A. I will forever be jealous of you.

Goodbye girls shopping days.

Goodbye popular kids, thanks for staying out of my way.

Goodbye past me, such a shy, innocent freshman.

Goodbye Sunday night last minute cram sessions.

Goodbye to the sport that stole my heart.

Goodbye fake friends, you've played your part.

Goodbye lonely Friday nights, in which I was convinced I am so lame.

Goodbye blue paint, in which I would cover my face with for home games.

Goodbye classmates, I probably won't talk to you again.

Goodbye silly boys who claimed they were men.

Goodbye past regrets, opportunities, and chances.

Goodbye oh so painfully awkward school dances.

Goodbye Friday night lights.

Goodbye long summers that brought me absolute delight.

Goodbye 11pm curfew.

Goodbye to the tears I've caused, I never meant to hurt you.

Goodbye teachers who don’t care, I hope you wake up and realize you can do more.

Goodbye to all the nights I would come home from practice sore.

Goodbye PB&J lunch, made by mama.

Goodbye unnecessary, stupid daily drama.

Goodbye years of lessons on the violin.

Goodbye toxic friendship, in which I wasted 4 years in.

Goodbye my "hard rock" phase, everyday I would blast Aerosmith.

Goodbye best friend who I would share every memory with.

Goodbye boy, who totally wasn’t worth it.

Goodbye to those dreadful days, where I felt like absolute sh*t.

Goodbye my first kiss.

Goodbye loud high school cafeteria, the utter opposite of bliss.

Goodbye nights where it felt like nothing mattered.

Goodbye boy, who's heart I shattered.

Goodbye squeaky green locker.

Goodbye ongoing battle of body positivity, which I successfully conquered.

Goodbye annoying fire drills.

Goodbye girl whose look could kill.

Goodbye my first love.

Goodbye teacher who changed my life.

Goodbye froyo runs.

Goodbye high school, for now I am done.