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As I'm planning for my September 2019 wedding, I came across an article written by a young woman who says that if she is a guest at a wedding and the bride is wearing Keds, she will leave (and take her gift with her) and I have a few things to say about it.

First of all, Keds specifically has a section for wedding shoes or, what they call it, "wedding & bridal sneakers." For the most part, this section separates itself from the regular version of Keds by adding sparkly glitter which makes it a great pop to complete your bridal attire. Keds usually come in a variety of colors, but these wedding keds specifically have glitter or shiny leather so it isn't dull and boring.

Second of all, just because you don't agree with what someone wants to wear doesn't mean you have to be a judgemental asshole about it. I've seen plenty of brides who wore dresses that I didn't like at ALL, but my opinion didn't matter. Why? Because it's not MY dress or MY wedding. I would never be caught dead in cowboy boots on a normal day, much less my own wedding day, but it's something the bride felt beautiful in and wanted to wear, so, again, my opinion doesn't and didn't matter. So, yeah, maybe I thought her dress was unappealing or her shoes were horrendous, but that doesn't mean I'm going to take my gift and go home ESPECIALLY after they have paid so much money to make this day happen.

You're a guest for a reason. You were invited for a reason. The bride/groom wanted you to be there on their special day to celebrate their new marriage. You are not there to criticize someone's fashion choices. Trust me, I have put a lot of thought into what I'm going to wear on my wedding day. I am going to wear something I love and something I feel beautiful in and so are the brides who are getting married wearing Keds. Plus, they paid a pretty penny for those shoes.

We all have our idea of a "dream wedding," including myself. However, I cannot imagine a guest of mine seeing my choice in footwear and leaving because they don't think it's appropriate. So, while you think that Keds "belong in the closet," some women will wear them and they'll wear them proudly on THEIR wedding day. At least their feet won't be in pain from wearing heels all day unlike yours.

AND, if you want to be petty enough to leave my wedding with the gift you purchased when you see my choice of footwear, I hope you think about the money we put into the wedding (including the meal/drinks) for you to enjoy as our guest.

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