Brazil Nut Theory In Society

Brazil Nut Theory proves that while we as humans are all different, different shapes, sizes, races, genders, ages, the largest, the biggest, the best will always be at the top. In application to the reality of society, the Brazil Nut Theory proves the idea that there is no concept of true equality amongst people. There will always be a hierarchy no matter how hard humans try to fight it. There will always be someone on top; someone will always be considered superior and another inferior. And the reason for this will always be in accordance to the differences between each individual human. As much as we have advanced as a human race, whether it's advocating for Black Lives, immigration rights or women's rights, the rich, white male will always prosper because that is how our society has been structured since the beginning of time. They are the brazil nuts in the assorted nuts packet.

The theory states that no matter how much one shakes the bag, the largest will always be on top; that theory is applied to today's way of life as well. As an generation-Z woman, my mother always lives in fear that one day my outspoken words and confidence will catch up to me. Coming from a conservative background, she constantly reminds me of my gender and where my limits should be, especially when I am around men. Not for the sake of respecting men, but for the sake of my safety; I understand that mindset. Walking alone at night is not even an option. Even when I am alone outside during the day, I hold my keys in "Wolverine" self-defense just in case; unfortunately, that is still the society we live in. Those considered the smallest and weakest, especially women, are at the bottom of the packet because the ones at the top keep it that way.

As a colored person, I am considered extremely different than a Caucasian and held to different standards, especially in the community I live in. Going to Northview, as an Indian, I am expected to excel in STEM-based subjects when in reality, every year math has always been my lowest grade. Because I am held to different standards solely based on the color of my skin, it is more difficult for me to meet those standards, and even if I do, it is still only considered meeting the basics. It is not good enough, and thus I am, once again, considered lesser and weaker than the rest. I am at the bottom of the packet.

Even though I am at the bottom of the assorted packet, I believe that it always be this way. A society where every nut is equal is a form of socialism, and based on what history has shown us, such society has yet to work out. We are better off in a democracy where people are not truly equal than in a falsified socialist society where one is killed for uttering their thoughts.

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