Swimsuit Companies Need To Start Appealing To All Bodies

For some, bikini season is an anticipatory time of the year where everyone goes out and buys the cutest on-trend bathing suits they can find. For others, it is a dreadful time of the year.

When scrolling on swimsuit companies' websites, the models showing off the bathing suits are usually skinny with no boobs. However, since it is 2019, we should all know that everyone's body type is different. Thick, thin, curvy, skinny, big-chested or flat-chested, swimsuits, unfortunately, do not cater to all of these body types at once.

From personal experience, I know all-too-well the extreme anxiety of trying to find a bathing suit that is both cute and comfortable. I will not beat around the bush, I have 32 DDD (or G) breasts, but the rest of my body is rather skinny. While a big butt and a well-endowed chest give me a "Marilyn Monroe hourglass figure," most bikinis found in stores seem to ignore cup sizes over a C.

When I got my first bikini, I wanted nothing more than to get one from PINK Victoria's Secret, just like all of my other friends had. I picked one out and went to try it on, but the top just couldn't support my chest. It looked awkward and I was uncomfortable and the shopping trip ended with me in Victoria's Secret dressing room, having a panic attack and crying. To say the least, I was traumatized and still am. Unfortunately, I can imagine I am not the only one who has experienced something like this.

Unless you are willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a custom-fitted bikini from an online website, more accessible and affordable options leave us with one-pieces, tankinis, or bland options in the women's section. (Much like the situation where bigger cup-size bras are only available in nude, black, white, and navy/red). It excludes women whose bodies do not conform to the so-called "ideal beach body." Any and all bodies are beach bodies, and if companies want business, they have to learn to adapt to this.

It was only in the last year or so that I saw more brands "appealing" to women of varying body types. Bikini tops that were full-coverage and had underwire, so that the "girls" would be supported and covered, bikini bottoms that covered everything that should be covered, and a larger selection of styles in both petite and plus-size options.

It's time that everyone should feel sexy on the beach, no matter what they look like.

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