3 Major Reasons Why Jordan Beats Brady In The Debate For Who Is The Real G.O.A.T.

3 Major Reasons Why Jordan Beats Brady In The Debate For Who Is The Real G.O.A.T.

After winning his 6th Super Bowl ring, Tom Brady cemented his name as the greatest player in the history of the NFL, but is he the greatest GOAT of all time?


When it comes to the four major North American sports who actually is the all-time G.O.A.T.?

While Jordan has six NBA Finals wins in an 8-year span. Tom Brady has put up consistent numbers in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world while winning 6 Super Bowls in nine appearances in the Big Game. While both make a compelling case the answer may be more clear than you think.

This past Superbowl Sunday we saw one of sports greatest athlete take home his sixth Super Bowl ring. Yes, I'm talking about Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. But is Brady the all-time greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.)?

When talking about the four major sports leagues in North America, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, there are two G.O.A.T.s that people will mention, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan, with that being said, who is the all-time GOAT, Brady or Jordan? Well, it's not even close, Michael Jordan is the all-time G.O.A.T. for three main reasons.

1. Jordan played both offense and defense


The first reason is that Jordan had to play both offense and defense, so if the performance of his team wasn't great, he couldn't have a scapegoat to use, whereas Brady had a dominant Super Bowl LII, but his defense left him down, as they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Jordan was one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA during his time with the Chicago Bulls, while he didn't have an elite defense, ask Allen Iverson, his defense was good enough where his offense could make up for it.

2. Jordan was a multidimensional player


Which leads into the second point, Jordan was a multidimensional player when in the game, while Brady is head and shoulders above anyone as the greatest football players ever, Brady is a one-dimensional player, which to be honest has led to his longevity, but Brady can only pass in the pocket. We saw that on display in Super Bowl XLII, XLVI, and LIII, Jordan was a multidimensional player who, much another G.O.A.T. in basketball, LeBron James was able to make the players around him better, he was able to influence the game by his presence in the game, while Jordan did have some key pieces to his arsenal while he was playing like, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, he was still the leader of the team, and when his teammates needed it most, he took control of the game.

3. Jordan triumphs the postseason and the championship


The third reason why Jordan is the all-time G.O.A.T. is because of his dominance when it came down to the postseason, and more specifically the championship. Some people, including Brady, have a clutch gene, where, when the money is on the line they can step up for their team and take it the game into their hands. In a time period of 8 years, Jordan's Chicago Bulls were able to win 6 NBA Championships, arguably one of the greatest runs in sports history. When the money was on the line, like in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, where Jordan shot a buzzer beater shot to win the NBA Championship, proving that when the money is on the line, Jordan has ice water running through his veins. Brady has been clutch but there have been performances where he has been bailed out by, bad play calling, great defensive play. In two of Brady's Super Bowl losses (XLII, XLVI) we have seen where he can't be bailed out by his team, costing Brady a chance at more rings.

While Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, he isn't the greatest GOAT of all time, that distinction goes to Michael Jordan, who's played on both offense and defense, being a multi-dimensional athlete, and ability to close out games in the clutch, makes him the greatest GOAT of all time.

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I live for the time of the year when football season and basketball season overlap so I can watch my two favorite sports at the same time. However, as any other girl that likes sports knows, there are a few different struggles that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

1. People won't believe you.

I've gotten very accustomed to the “look" people give you when you tell them you like to watch sports. It's a look that reeks of disbelief. I'm sorry I don't know the blood type of the former coach's oldest son. You'll just have to learn to let it go... but yes, I do watch sports.

2. People will try to explain the game to you.

Yes, I know that was a sack. Yes, I see that it's a fourth down. Yes, I know what foul that was. Yes, they are about to take a free throw. Please stop talking while I watch my team play. Thanks for trying to keep me updated, though.

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7. You turn into a child when your team loses.

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Cover Image Credit: Gator County Photos

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The New 'Special One' Returns (Again) To Real Madrid

Soccer fans across the globe question what Zidane will be able to accomplish this time with a Madrid side that has faced many issues this season.


On March 11, Spanish club Real Madrid announced that they would be firing former manager Santiago Solari and replace him with Zinedine Zidane immediately. This marks a second reign of leadership the Frenchman will have with the club as coach (he managed Real Madrid from the 2016-2018 seasons which resulted in nine trophies). Zidane left in May of 2018 just days after he helped secure a third consecutive Champions League title. This was the last time football fans and supporters ever saw Real Madrid on top of Europe. Since then, things have gone South for the Spanish giants.

The defending champions have been knocked out of both the Copa Del Rey and Champions League competitions. The La Liga club is also 12 points behind league leaders and arch-rivals Barcelona (which only adds more pain). Saying things have fallen apart at Real Madrid is an understatement. I can't think of many moments in which the team was this low. Real Madrid is one of (if not) the biggest soccer club in the world. They are more than a club. It's an iconic, brand-name powerhouse which has always had a long history of success.

So, seeing them lose over and over again is a weird thing to witness as a football fan. In my opinion, I think Zidane will alleviate some of Madrid's issues to a certain degree. I am almost 100 percent sure he will be able to fix the chemistry issues in the locker room. Players on the team have mentioned how much they enjoy playing for Zidane. He brings out the best in the squad and every player is content with their involvement on the field. Now I'm not going to be unrealistic and say Zidane is going to win Champions League for Real Madrid next season, but you never know.

The key thing to watch in the off-season is how much money Real Madrid is willing to spend. They have historically always been big spenders in the transfer window periods. To me, that is the crucial component of whether or not things will turn around for the club. Money (and lots of it) most of the time equals success in sports. Team President Florentino Perez has to open up his checkbook and allow Zidane to go all-out to get whatever he needs to change things at Real Madrid. If this happens, I have no doubts in my mind that Los Blancos will eventually return to being on top of the world.

All I know is that if Zidane restores the glory days at Real Madrid, people should start calling him "the special one" and not Jose Mourinho anymore.

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