To The Boys Who Broke My Best Friends' Hearts

You took the easy way out. You got to leave without a second thought, while she was left wondering what she could've done differently. She was left feeling like it was all her fault, like if she had just given you more of herself, more of her body (and less of her heart), that she might have been "enough for you". You took the easy way out and left me to pick up her broken pieces.

Why do you get to do this to her? Why do you get to haunt her every memory? Why do you get to hold her captive with the hopes that you'll change your mind? The hopes that one day she will finally be worthy of a "love" like yours? Why do you get to have that control over her? Why do you get to move on while she has to be fearful to allow someone new in? That fear stems from the love she gave you, the love she never thought she would have to question. The last time she gave her all to someone, they tore her apart piece by piece. You are slowly drowning her, and you couldn't care less.

Did you ever care? I want to believe you did. I really want to believe that the love you guys had was real, and that you truly did love her at one point.

I want you to know this: It's okay to fall out of love - it's natural. Feelings change, situations change, and love changes. But what isn't natural is to not have a single care in the world about how much you killed her by leaving. How much you let her believe her worthiness was based on you and you wanting her. Because the next day all you cared about was where you could wet your dick next, while she has been wondering for months just what she should've changed about her body to have been enough for you. Enough for someone who was never worthy of her body in the first place.

It'll take some time. It'll take some gut wrenching pain, some days where she can't get out of bed, some 3 a.m. phone calls to me for her to get through this -- but soon enough she'll be searching for the next best thing — only to realize you never were the best thing.

I know that in the long run she is better off without you, but she won't believe me until it proves true. So congratulations on being the jackass I never wanted you to be. You lost the best thing to ever happen to you, and she's on her way to find the best thing that will ever happen to her — because it sure as hell wasn't you.

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