To my boy,

From the start of our relationship to now, you continue to show me that you are different. You continue to prove to me that you love me with all your heart and soul.

Before we started dating, I was convinced that I was never going to have a healthy relationship or be able to love again. I was wrong. I thought I deserved a relationship that didn't consist of good morning text and dates but consisted of emotional and physical drainage. I didn't deserve that. Since we started dating, you text me good morning and good night every single day and make me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

You came into my life and you were a blessing. You taught me what I deserve. It's the little things you do that make me love you. You help transfer me, you go pick up things for me rather that be at a store or something that fell on the ground, you give me unconditional love. You accept everything that my disease comes with. You love me for me. The list goes on. That's what I deserved.

You never fail to make me happy or laugh. If I want ice cream or cookies, you get them for me. If I want to watch a movie, you turn on Netflix. You kiss me on my cheek and forehead and my hands and it makes me smile so much. You know when I am upset and you make sure I'm okay. You make jokes and make me try to forget why I'm upset.

I am my TRUE self when I am with you. You make me feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I could have my leggings, Birks and a sweatshirt on with no makeup or in a dress and booties with makeup on and you continue to tell me I look cute today no matter how I look.

You tell me to text you when I get home safely, you tell me you love me every single night. You have a reminder for me to remind me to stretch, you even text me to remind me to stretch or to wear my braces.

You have taught me how to love not only you but to love myself and God, you have taught me to go with the flow (or try to at least, I am a planner). You have also taught me how to be an even harder worker and to never give up.

You are everything I have ever wanted and then some. You are perfect. I am thankful for falling in love with an amazing man. Thank you for showing me what love is and what I deserve. I love you.