Can we have a moment?

Check in with yourself. When was the last time you took a pause, took a breath, really thought about where you're at and how you are feeling?

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the day-to-day monotony that is human existence. It is nearly impossible to see past the cloud of deadlines, business casual, interviews, bitter coffee, stale donuts, grocery shopping, rent--the list goes on for decades.

It's hard to sift out the unimportant tasks from the ones that really matter, especially when the unimportant tasks are mindless but indulgent.

So let's take a moment. Deep breath. You don't have to squeeze in a yoga class to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. How are you? Take longer than a second to answer that question. Maybe you are fine, but let's expand our default response to one that is actual, one that is genuine--how are you?

What is your body telling you? Do you need water? How long has it been since you've taken a walk, or danced, or used your body as more than just a medium to take your laptop from your car to the coffee shop?

Have you been in the sun for longer than it takes for the walk-sign to turn on? Has your nose been buried in social media all morning? Take a break from your screen, your Twitter feed will still be as relentlessly political and obnoxious when you come back. I promise.

Self-care is more than just a face mask and a bubble bath. It looks different for everyone. You can't always just peel an avocado and drink some detox tea and expect a miracle. Self-care is an ongoing process. Find a healthy balance between indulgence and restriction. Eat what makes your whole body feel good, not just what makes your heart or mind satisfied.

You will get the job you want. You will get your degree.

You will go to wonderful concerts, drink coffee that tastes like magic, meet people who have sunshine in their souls, see sunsets that make you believe in heaven. Your life will happen. You have time. Your life will happen.

So let's take a moment.