The Harmful Effects Of Body Shaming

The Harmful Effects Of Body Shaming

This has got to stop.

Body shaming, a term that has become all too popular recently because humans are obsessed with appearances. We create these standards that we have to live up to and then ridicule those same standards when we realize that they are unattainable. We criticize the way that others look but then shame them when they do the same to us. We have separated ourselves into categories based on the way we look. It’s fat against fit and it is wrong.

What people don’t understand is what body shaming really does to an individual. It destroys their confidence. Instead of holding your head high -- you scan the floor because you don’t want people to notice you. Instead of feeling beautiful, you feel disgusting -- like an alien in your own skin.

It turns into unhealthy habits such as extreme dieting or excessive exercise. It turns into forced fingers down your throat or not eating at all. But it’s not just one sided either. People who are thin also feel the effects of body shaming. Telling girls that “guys love a woman with curves” so that they feel inferior to thicker women is just as bad as telling a woman that she is fat. Just like telling someone that they need to eat a cheeseburger because they are too skinny is not a compliment. Both fat and skinny people are becoming too critical of themselves because of comments made by others. People of all sizes spend too much time examining their bodies in their mirrors, picking at their flaws and hating the way they look. Making someone feel badly about the way that their appearance, when it is already hard to be comfortable in your own skin, is the worst thing that you can do to an individual, period. It has the power to make someone feel unlovable. It causes so many insecurities that they can’t even love themselves let alone expect someone else to love them. That is something we shouldn't wish, or inflict, upon anyone.

Body shaming has to stop. We have to stop tearing people down because they don’t fit the standard that we created in the first place. We also have to stop judging people based on their appearances. There is no lower place than hating yourself because of the way you look and it is not fair that we are pushing people to that point. We need to be accepting of all body types. We need to encourage each other rather than bring each other down and we have to understand that our bodies are different, both inside and out. Our bodies are beautiful, whether we are thick, thin, curvy, or not we are flawless. We were created to be different, and we need to learn to love those differences.

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How I’ve Learned Standing Up For Myself Is The Most Important Thing

Don’t you dare let anyone walk all over your amazing self

Throughout my childhood, I was extremely shy and was the type to remain quiet if anyone were to ever disrespect or make fun of me. I would shake it off and just try to go along with it because, well, I was terrified to stand up for myself.

It’s not that I never wanted to stand up for myself, I just never knew how to and was afraid of being disliked by others. I would say that this is one of my biggest regrets from my past, however, I am actually very proud of this phase of my life, as it has made me realize exactly what I do not want to be. It made me see the importance of self-respect and helped me to become the strong woman that I am and still becoming today.

This change did not necessarily occur overnight in my life. It did not hit me until my late high school years. I started to talk back when I was disrespected. I started to say no instead of just going along with things. I started to defend myself and my values.

I think this change sparked within me when I started to really value myself and see my true self-worth. When you know yourself, your values and your worth, you know that you should accept disrespect from no one.

I simply do not allow myself to be treated as less than or poorly by others, no matter who it is. If someone says something rude or mean to me or about me behind my back, they are going to hear about it. If someone is doing something that I do not like or that is hurting me, I do not tolerate it and will make it stop.

I no longer push away such comments and treat them as nothing, because they are not nothing, they are disrespect and that it not okay with me. I have learned that others opinions of me mean nothing and all that really matters is that I am confident and actively stand up for myself.

It is so important to remember that there is no one in this world that is better than you, so do not allow yourself to be treated in such a manner. For me, this lesson was not one that was learned quickly or easily, but is by far the most important that I have learned in my life, thus far.

Once you learn to defend and stand up for yourself, you will feel an overwhelming sense of self-confidence that will carry with you and help you grow into the strong person you are meant to be.

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