You're Ignoring Body Positivity If You Think It's Just About Your Shape
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You're Ignoring Body Positivity If You Think It's Just About Your Shape

Everyone still needs proper nutrition and physical activity.

You're Ignoring Body Positivity If You Think It's Just About Your Shape
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Body positivity is a movement sweeping the globe that encourages people to be accepting of their appearances and be proud of the skin they are in. While body positivity is a good idea, it completely misses an important concept.

Body positivity is a viewpoint that emphasises remaining the same no matter what body shape one has or what a person's current weight is. This body positivity movement in the form it is in now can have damaging effects for the future as well as healthy lifestyles and habits.

People should not worry about what their overall shape is, nor should they worry about weight except to the extent where the weight borders on obesity, anorexia, or other unhealthy forms. The idea of body positivity should focus more on the body one has after the proper regimen of healthy eating and exercise has been met.

One may read this article and consider the author to be "narrow minded" or perhaps "body-shaming" when that is absolutely not the case. With proper diet and exercise, whatever body type or weight a person has is what is considered normal for that person and that is when body positivity should come in play.

That normal or even "natural" body shape should be the basis of what body positivity is - respecting your body enough to want to care for it and make it as healthy as possible. Looking at it from this perspective can ultimately change current concepts of body positivity and help eliminate problems with anorexia and obesity as well as other eating disorders and physical conditions.

Exercise and diet are incredibly important when it comes to life in general. Having proper nutrition can improve the skin, hair, and nails' appearances on the outside, as well as contribute to the proper function of the metabolic, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. Good carbohydrates (such as brown rice, quinoa, and whole grains) do more for the body than an energy bar can.

The good carbohydrates (called macro carbohydrates) store energy for longer periods of time than a sugar-laden energy bar from Walmart. Protein (both lean and fatty) contribute to the muscle tone and strength and the fats in them (when consumed in moderation) assist the body in keeping the joints properly cushioned and preventing problems in the future such as arthritis.

Vegetables and fruits have fiber in them which help the body eliminate wastes. Proper exercise when combined with a balanced and healthy diet make breathing easier, the body stronger, and the mind sharper. Exercise is also a proven stress reliever, which may diminish the effects of anxiety and depression.

The obvious difference between the concept being proposed in this article and the current ideology of body positivity is that this article emphasizes health over shape. A person who exercises regularly and maintains a healthy diet has an overall more attractive appearance than one who does not.

This contributes to skin tone first and foremost, as people who are more inclined to exercise tend to have more vitamin D in their systems due to the desire to exercise outdoors more often. This leads to a healthy bronze glow regardless of race. Second, those who exercise and maintain proper diets have reduced risks of cancer, obesity, heart disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, and many other ailments.

Thirdly, exercise assists the body in the removal of toxins through sweating and helps regulate metabolism. A healthy metabolism not only applies to digestion, but also respiratory and circulatory functions as well. And touching up on mental health, exercise causes the brain to release endorphins which make a person feel good. Feeling good makes the body operate more efficiently and leads to longer lifespans.

With emphasis on how genetics plays into preexisting conditions such as a higher risk of developing diabetes or becoming obese, exercise and proper diet has proven to reduce or eventually eliminate such problems as these. As stated previously, exercise and diet has the impact necessary to reduce risk of these conditions by working the body in ways it was designed for in the beginning of the world.

Ultimately, it does not matter what body type a person has so long as they get the proper nutrition and physical activity as stated by medical professionals. Not only does it have a positive impact on the person's body, it also improves the way someone views him or herself and can even help reduce depression rates. The fundamental reason why the body positivity movement should be changed to this viewpoint is to establish healthy habits and destroy the current ideology that body shape is everything. It does not matter what body type or shape a person has as long as they get proper nutrition and physical activity.

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