Biking Around Tallahassee, It's Dangerous But So Worth It

Biking Around Tallahassee, It's Dangerous But So Worth It

Biking is my way of expressing myself but it also carries its own risks.


When I was 4-years-old, my father taught me to ride a bike. There's footage of me riding with no training wheels, my mom or dad will bring it out once every couple of years. It's a funny video of me conquering a fear of riding without the training wheels, and it's fun to watch every time.

I had several bicycles growing up. Outgrown or broken, each bike was replaced with another. Scooters, skateboards and roller blades also made an appearance, but I preferred pedaling on two wheels to virtually any other hobby.

As I got older, the bike was a way for me to challenge myself and gain independence. Throughout grade school, I used the bike to get to and from school. I learned to venture farther and farther from home. When the house got boring, speeding around and jumping curbs was a thrilling and engaging pastime that left me tired and satisfied. The wind in my face continues to be a motivating factor.

Fast forward to now, my bike is my main method of transportation. Two miles from campus, getting to and from my classes on a bike is faster than walking, taking the car, or riding the bus. It's also more fun and aerobically challenging, which keeps me in great shape. Oftentimes, I find myself looking forward to my school days because I'll be able to ride my bike around campus.

The only true problem with this is the risk.

Riding around Tallahassee can be dangerous. Last semester, the biking community faced a great loss when a biker died after being hit with a car outside of Sweet Pea Café. It gave us a moment to reflect on bicycling as a viable method of transportation. This is not the first accident like this, and many have been scared away from using their bike because of accidents like this one.

There are a few things that bikers can do to keep safe, and a few things that drivers of cars can do to ensure that no biker dies from their negligence. Bikers can obviously use lights on their bike and wear helmets, increasing the likelihood they'll be seen and decreasing the likelihood of fatality in the event of a collision. If riding on any public street of any kind, lights and helmet are a must.

Drivers can keep their eyes on the road. There have been multiple instances where I ride in plain daylight and expected a driver to see me because I was crossing the road in front of them when they did not look up from their phone or simply were not paying attention. Last week I nearly got hit by a car on campus because the driver was not looking. Her lack of attention could've cost me my bike, my health, or my life; the car came an inch from hitting my bike. I hold no grudges; I'm a driver too, and sometimes we just aren't paying attention. But if you get that close to hitting someone on a bike, the best you could do is roll down the window and check on them. An apology might be in order. It's just good etiquette, but clearly, she was in a rush because she sped off.

Riding my bike is one of my forms of expression, and it's something I look forward to doing. However, not being able to ride safely is a major concern for all of us who ride bikes, and should be a concern for the school as well.

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9 Reasons Why Topsail Island is the Best Beach in NC

North Topsail, Surf City, South Topsail, it’s all part of the best beach in North Carolina.

1. The sunsets.

Topsail has the best sunsets out of any beach in North Carolina. Hands down.

2. The shark’s teeth and seashells.

You can always find a large amount of cool shells and shark’s teeth every beach trip. I have found that it is not like this at every beach, only at Topsail. Shell hunting tip: check out the point on the south end of the island every morning for the best shell selection. You might even come across a hidden mailbox with notes in it while shell hunting down there.

3. The food.

From Max’s pizza with the pepperoni under the cheese to the seafood at Breezeway and even having the experience of eating outside at Sears Landing, Topsail has some of the greatest restaurants any beach in NC has to offer. The best part about the food in Topsail is that the restaurants are all local. Also, there is a brand new doughnut shop in the Surf City part of the island...what could be better than doughnuts and the beach?

4. The Fourth of July.

Every year Topsail and neighboring town, Holly Ridge, rotate between who does fireworks on the fourth and who gets to do them on the fifth. Basically this means two whole days of celebrating our great nation at the beach. The Fourth is also fun in Topsail because the beach is full of people decked out in red, white, and blue, blaring country music, and playing cornhole and swimming all day. Some parts of the town even have mini Fourth of July block parties (okay maybe that's just my family and our neighbors but it’s still pretty fun).

5. The small town atmosphere.

Topsail is a small island which gives it a small town, everybody knows everybody kind of feel. It’s really easy to make life long beach friends here because you have the opportunity to see the same people out on the beach every summer.

6. The ice cream.

Growing up, we went out to get ice cream EVERY single night and admittedly we still do. It often feels like the whole island has the same idea because the lines are always out the door at every ice cream place on the island. Don’t let this discourage you though. It’s an unspoken rule to wait in the line no matter how long it may be because ice cream always tastes better at Topsail.

7. The best of both worlds.

Because Topsail is an island, in most cases you can see both the ocean and the sound from wherever you are staying. This is pretty awesome because you can watch the sunrise over the beach and the sunset over the sound without having to go too far. You also can go from playing cornhole on the beach to jet skiing in the sound without having to walk too far so you really do get the experience the best of both worlds.

8. Outdoor movies.

On certain nights of the week Topsail this has cool thing called “Summer Movies in the Park” where they play movies on a big blow up screen at a park that sits on the sound. The best part about this is that the movies are FREE. Tip: if you are vacationing at Topsail with bae, I highly suggest going to an outdoor movie together, even if it is Cinderella and even if you have seen it 100 times already you should still go. But, if outdoor movies aren’t your thing then I suggest going roller skating or playing a game of putt-putt.

9. The memories.

Whether you go for a week or a weekend, I promise that you will make some great memories with the people you love at Topsail Island. After spending 19 summers on the island, I know I sure have. From Fourth of July block parties, running into friends from all over NC, adventuring with cousins and swimming during hurricanes, I can honestly say that spending my summers at Topsail Island has been one of the best things ever.

North Topsail, Surf City, South Topsail, it’s all part of the best beach in NC and I highly recommend planning your next beach vacation to Topsail Island.

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