Routines are what provide consistency in the everyday life on an average human. Routines are comfortable, they are concrete in their rigidity and they provide stability within uncertainty. But routines can also be a quiet evil. While maintaining a routine can grant some piece of mind it can also be the reason the mind gets stuck in a seemingly never ending loop of distress.

School has started again and that fact alone equates to manipulating many individuals daily routines as it is related to the summertime. Days are now divided into class periods and bells ring to signal when movement is required. But what can be done to avoid the sticky feelings of discomfort with life? Changing the lifestyle situation may not be possible, but adding tiny things into routines has the potential to significantly brighten the day.

Tips and tricks to having a better day:

Get your favorite snack food on the weekend before and stockpile it in your kitchen. Being able to look forward to snacktime always makes work seem easier.

Wear colored socks.

Grab your favorite coffee or tea in the morning. The pumpkin spiced latte is making its reappearance.

Hold the door open for someone.

Sing in your car. Or dance to that extremely cheesy song on the radio.

Drink water. As much as you can. Get yourself a cool water bottle and try to stay as hydrated as possible. It’ll help keep you awake as well.

Carry a book in your bag for when your phone gets boring. Or have a book you’re interested in loaded on your phone.

Keep a countdown clock to future events that make you excited. Examples include; Christmas, birthdays, concerts, new tv seasons.

Subscribe to a neat channel on youtube. Look forward to the days that they post videos.

Try your hand at meditation.

Record mess thoughts within a journal. It’ll help you sort out your thoughts and it is always fun to look back at.

Keep a “things to be happy about” list in your phone. Add things to it. Look back on it.

Compliment something.

Learn to play a musical instrument. Set tiny goals for yourself so you have something that is completely yours to work for.

Notice the small things.

Smile at other people.