Love is one of the best possible feelings in the world. Having a person who you are not only physically attracted to, but being with someone where your raw, honest self-comes out; that is hard to find. Yet, when you do, it can be earth-shattering.

I have read and watched many love stories, I have even had a few of my own. However, none of these top as my favorite. My favorite story is the one of someone very close to me: my dear uncle Tom.

By his actions, it is easy to see that he is the kindest man on the planet. Uncle Tom is unmatched on every level. He is one of the funniest humans I have ever encountered. The best part? He has an amazing boyfriend who loves him in his entirety.

Finding love can be hard no matter the case. Being scared to be your true and vulnerable self. My uncle has had his fair share of heartache and messy break-ups. That is why when Juan and Tom met, it literally came out of NOWHERE.

Juan describes Tom as having a "beautiful soul" and "passionate determination." He expressed the feeling of when he first saw his as "taking his breath away."

My favorite part about their relationship is the way it began... It was an afternoon in December 2017 (I know, similar to Hallmark movie). Juan saw Tommy in Bath & Body Works. Picture it: a hot cocoa marshmallow candle lit, two eyes connecting in the distance. Love at first sight? Possibly.

So what did Juan do? He saw this random stranger who immediately caught his eye but had no idea his name or where he was from. So he did what anyone in our technology, driven world would do: he went and searched for him on an app.

Juan, amazed that the gorgeous man he locked eyes with was on the app, realized he needed to get to know him. So, he slid into his direct messages. Luckily he did and my uncle Tom messaged him back. Since then they have been inseparable.

Their love has taught me many things. I could go on and on about how these two are my favorite. However, I have chosen five things these two have taught me.

1. Age truly is just a number.


This love story has around a twenty-year gap in age. However, I have seen them love, support, and be there for one another like no one else. Juan and Tom have shown that where that gap is in age, there is an enormous amount of love to fill that space.

2. Your great love is worth the wait. 


Heartbreak happens, and it sucks. It seems impossible to move past and ultimately inevitable. However, after a broken heart, it can seem like you never are going to find 'the one.' These two have shown me that sometimes, the love of your life takes some time to find you.

3. Love is patient. 


These two did not have the easiest start. There were obstacles; however, they both proved that when two hearts are truly meant for each other, they will find one another.

4. A relationship should be 50/50. 


It seems like in most relationships, you usually either give more or are receiving more. However, this could not be farther from the truth. In order to have a healthy and honest relationship, we must give as much to our partner as they give to us.

5. Be yourself. 


In order to have a relationship that is going to last, you cannot wear a mask. You should be able to be real, honest, and comfortable with each other. The best part, like in Juan and Tom's case, they accept you for who you are and love you more because of it.