Have you always dreamt of traveling the world, but are finding that the stars are not aligned for that at this moment? No worries!

While you're adding extra change to your 'big trip' fund jar, these 25 Instagram accounts can help you feed your appetite for travel. Think of it this way, not only are you living vicariously through someone else's photos, but you can also add all of the wonderful places that you see to your list of dream destinations!

1. @doyoutravel

It's hard not to get lost in Jack Morris' feed of impressive photos from around the globe. It's a mix of #relationshipgoals and #travelgoals.

2. @wearetravelgirls

Their goal is to inspire, connect, and educate female travelers. Not only do they share beautiful photos, but they also write helpful and interesting tips with every post.

3. @taramilktea

Tara's feed is full of stunning locations, sumptuous outfits, and decadent food.

4. @showmethemonty_

Caitlin's stunning videos and photos will make you want to drop everything, pack your bags, and hop on the next flight.

5. @finduslost

Sure, they've got the usual selfies, but they also have the beautiful landscape and animal photography that every wannabe traveler craves.

6. @thesprouting.sunflower

Deina's page is full of beautiful travel photos fitting her aesthetic, but she also posts about mental health, empowerment, and Latino-owned businesses.

7. @worldsofwander

Sarah is a beauty guru who also shares colorful shots of her travels around the world.

10. @sunitav_

If you're looking for gorgeous pictures of a girl living her best life, check out Sunita's page. With her gorgeous smile on full display, she shares beautiful locations.

17. @aga_amatteroftaste

If you're tired of Instagrammers whose feeds show mostly themselves, you'll like Aga's gram. She focuses in on the small details of the places she visits.

Now that you're full of inspiration, start pinning your dream board and saving up to book your plane tickets!