Things I Learned After Traveling Like A Travel Influencer
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10 Things I Learned About Being A Travel Influencer, After Traveling Like One

The life of a travel influencer isn't all glamour and relaxation, trust me.

10 Things I Learned About Being A Travel Influencer, After Traveling Like One
Gabriel Rye

On Instagram, everyone is obsessing over glamorous traveler accounts, presets, and exotic destinations, which create a sense of allure and desire to get out of your comfort zone and see the world in the form of a travel influencer.

After traveling alone, in groups of friends, study abroad programs, and with my best friend, I realized there is more to becoming a travel influencer than what you learn on Instagram or in your favorite influencer's YouTube videos. While I love traveling and have found it to be one of my passions, it's important to know that many of the pictures we see on Instagram from travel influencers are not accurate to reality, and many of the moments you see captured were not spontaneous candids, but meticulously planned moments.

From following various traveler accounts and meeting with travel influences that I have encountered along the way, I have uncovered a few tips and tricks for becoming a travel influencer and for traveling like on!

1. Stay in a hostel.

Gabriel Rye

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group, staying at a hostel is a great idea, because you get numerous recommendations for food and activities in the area, and you can meet friends who can take your picture when needed! This photo of me is from the Selina Hostel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

2. Pack a tripod.

Tripods are a must when traveling because you do not have to rely on someone else to take the perfect picture for you! Tripods are pretty cheap and can be set up anywhere to capture those ideal angles!

3. Invest in a good camera/drone.

While travel influencers may not always be staying at the nicest places, they will always be seen with a very nice camera! This is a must for those high-quality shots or even aerial photos that you always dreamed of!

4. Pack to match your Instagram feed aesthetic.

Gabriel Rye

While this may sound crazy, it's actually a rule many travel influencers follow. if your Instagram feed features sunset pictures with neutral colors, pack neutral colors and white clothing items to keep up your aesthetic! If your aesthetic is more focused on oversaturation, such a blue and orange or reds, pack clothing to match these themes as well! This is key to getting good pictures.

5. Have a travel preset!

To add that alluring nature vibe to your pics, use a preset and give your Instagram a WOW factor that no one will be able to find anywhere else!

6. Arrive to main tourist destinations hours early.

Gabriel Rye

If you want that photo with just you and the Taj Mahal, you have to arrive before sunrise, when the crowds haven't begun to swarm yet. Sunrise and sunset look the same on a camera (if the correct editing takes place) so you can still achieve the same effect for your desired photos

7.  A backpack is a MUST.

Gabriel Rye

A backpack is necessary for every trip you go on. It'll give you the look of a travel influencer and allow you to carry around all your necessities (like a port converter, charger, travel maps, journals, water, and snacks!)

8. Post Instagram highlights!

Instagram Highlights are a must for documenting your trip and for advertising your experience to fellow travelers! To showcase some more natural aspects of a trip, you can put them on your Instagram Highlights or Instagram Story to further entice your followers to keep up with you!

9. Know time zones and avoid jet lag.

To avoid time jet lag, try and book flights that leave at night and arrive in your new country in the morning! For example, my flight to Spain left Miami at 6 p.m. and arrived in Madrid at 7 a.m. This helped me avoid jetlag for my European trip and allowed me to not spend a whole day sleeping or feeling sluggish.

10. Use ambassador codes and discounts!

When traveling, many businesses and travel agencies will offer you discounts for posting or booking within certain time periods. To save money and also showcase your marketing value, line up a few of these promotions so you can post about them/their products while abroad!

Overall, travel influencers enhance our desire to travel and explore more! If we all decide to take note of the information being relayed on social media and use this knowledge to pursue our goals, we can accomplish our travel dreams in no time! With this mindset, we can all be travel influencers and live our best lives.

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