New Songs For Your Spotify Playlist
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20 Beautiful Songs For Your Spotify Playlist

Dreamy songs to make you dance, give you goosebumps, and make you feel every emotion you can think of!

20 Beautiful Songs For Your Spotify Playlist
Alice Moore

1. "Fixin" - WALK THE MOON

Walk The

This whole album is just incredible, it's the epitome of alternative meets modern-80s-synth-magic that WALK THE MOON continues to showcase in their discography perfectly. The drums, guitar riffs, and bass line are undeniably a trademark of WALK THE MOON that are just so captivating. When paired with their mystifying lyrics and Nicholas Petricca's distinctly powerful vocals, you're bound to get lost in this beautiful song.

2. "Longshot" - Catfish And The Bottlemen


I'm convinced Catfish And The Bottlemen are incapable of putting out a bad album, let alone a bad song. This song is so fun and upbeat, while still incorporating that moody tone that no one else does quite as well as Catfish And The Bottlemen. The chorus is catchy in the best way possible, and will definitely be bouncing around your head for sometime. If you haven't checked them out yet, PLEASE listen to this band RIGHT NOW. This band is just incredible, and this song is no exception.

3. "Love It If We Made It" - The 1975

A Brief Inquiry Into Online RelationshipsStereogum

I've seen a lot of controversy over this new The 1975 album, and while I haven't listened to it in its entirety (nor am I very familiar with the majority of their discography), I've enjoyed the few songs I've heard quite a bit. They've definitely got more of a pop sound, but that's not a bad thing at all. This song is really different, and definitely sounds very 80s inspired, which I'm always a sucker for. It almost sounds like a song you'd hear in space, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

4. "Home Is Where The Haunt Is" - American Football

American Football (LP2)American Football - Bandcamp

Although they've been around since the 90s, I've only just discovered American Football a few months ago, and I've quickly fallen in love with this band. This song is so beautiful and so masterful with the guitars, it's impossible not to love. The lyrics are distinctly beautiful, you'll quickly be roped in and listen to this song for a long time.

5. "High Hopes" - Yours Truly

AfterglowDown In The Valley

If you like pop punk, Paramore-esque edgy music, this band is definitely for you. This song seems to be one of the most popular ones from Yours Truly, and it's not difficult to understand why. There's such an early 2000s nostalgia in the sound of this band, yet it's also so fresh and new at the same time. This song will get you pumped, head-banging, and cranking up the volume!

6. "Dreaming" - Blondie


Ah, Blondie. So timeless, so ahead of their time, and a paradigm of New Wave. This song's sound and lyrics are so pretty and will immediately lift your spirits. It's a classic for a reason!

7. "Pool" - Paramore


"Aaaaafter lauuughter, comes tearrrss..." Wendy Rene wasn't kidding back in the 60s, and it still rings true today with one listen through of Paramore's After Laughter album. "Pool" may sound bubbly and upbeat, but like the rest of the songs on the album, the lyrics hit much harder. The haunting ringing at the beginning of the song are bound to make you feel dizzy before jumping into the distinct 2017 sound of Paramore for the rest of the song, which adds an amazing element of disorientation to this dreamy tune. Paramore never disappoints with their music, and "Pool" may just be one of their best songs yet.

8. "Missed Connection" - The Head And The Heart

Living MirageThat Eric Alper

This song is funky for sure, and feels a bit different from the usual sound of The Head And The Heart that most people may be familiar with from hits like "Rivers And Roads" and "Another Story" (both of which are phenomenal songs, by the way). It's a bit slower paced than some of the previous songs listed here, but definitely will still make you want to dance and groove along.

9. "It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)" - The 1975

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Stereogum

Talk about 80s inspired. But so, SO good. The chorus is so beautiful, with a wonderful mix of chorus-esque backing vocals and twinkly melodies, and an atmospheric sound.

10. "7" - Catfish And The Bottlemen


If I haven't made it clear enough, Catfish And The Bottlemen are an INCREDIBLE band and have yet to put out a bad song (at least in my opinion). It's undeniably that distinct sound Catfish And The Bottlemen have claimed, but it's so refreshing and wonderfully moody it's impossible not to get into. This song has a light and soft tone to it, while still having those grunge-y, alternative guitar and drum combinations that are just magic.

11. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - U2

The Joshua

Again, another classic song from a timeless band (at least their older stuff, anyway). You've definitely heard this song before! it's so inspiring and possesses such a soulful sound, it's no wonder it's still played so often today.

12. "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" - Coldplay

A Rush Of Blood To The

Early Coldplay has such a special place in my heart. Their early sound is so somber, so bewitching, and just all around magnificent, and I'll contend that statement forever. They can be an acquired taste for some, but I promise you, this song and this album will NOT disappoint you, it's hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics are just striking.

13. "Saturday Sun" - Vance Joy

Nation of

If you liked "Riptide" (before it became overplayed and overly-covered), you'll love "Saturday Sun". The lyrics are just adorable and tearjerking for sure, and who doesn't love the cute sound of a ukulele to lift their mood?

14. "Good Grief" - Bastille


Ugh, this band. This album. SO GOOD. Bastille stole our hearts with their hits "Pompeii" and "Bad Blood", and "Good Grief" is bound to have the same effect on you (along with every other song on this album, to be honest. Bastille, please make another album, ASAP). The chorus' lyrics are so lovely, with a dance-y musicality to get you on your feet.

15. "All We Ever Knew" - The Head And The Heart

Signs of

This song is more distinctly The Head And The Heart, but by no means is that a bad thing. It almost reminds me a bit of Keane in a way, it sort of has the same dreamy quality of "Somewhere Only We Know". It's a delightful song with an absolutely infectious piano part carrying the melody along and ringing out amidst a variety of other beautiful instruments. Definitely a must-listen!

16. "Rhiannon" - Fleetwood Mac


Oh, Fleetwood Mac. Your music makes me feel some type of way. This song undoubtedly hails as one of Fleetwood Mac's most mystifying, calming, and delightful tunes. Add it to your playlist and prepare to fall in love with this song and Fleetwood Mac (if you haven't already)!

17. "Uncomfortably Numb" - American Football

American Football (LP3)Spin

THIS. SONG. It's EVERYTHING. It's a duet between Hayley Williams (of Paramore) and the lead singer of American Football, and the song is so emotive and the lyrics so poignant it'll stick with you for quite sometime. The guitar part is so simple, but so perfect for the song, and possesses that distinguishable layering style that American Football does so masterfully. 10/10 recommend for sure!

18. "Bear" - Pacific Air

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Original Motion Picture

While I've never seen the movie or heard any other songs from this band, this song has prevailed as one of my all time favorite songs since it came out several years ago. It's genuinely my happy song, and I hope it may become one of yours too. It's so carefree and serene, I'm just in love with everything about it. This song is simply spectacular.

19. "i love you" - Billie Eilish


I know I've used the words "haunting" and "beautiful" multiple times throughout this listicle (which I truly meant every time), but this song definitely takes the cake for most hauntingly beautiful in terms of lyrics, musicality, and vocals. The melody is so simple, somber, and (get ready for it) haunting. I don't know too many Billie Eilish songs, but I have a feeling "i love you" will remain a favorite of mine from her for a long time.

20. "Come Under The Covers" - WALK THE MOON


This song has such a mystical and ethereal quality to it, lyrics, sound, and all. The metaphor of changing seasons in relation to the relationship discussed in the song is so powerful and written so wonderfully, it's unmatched in its beauty.

And that completes this list of beautiful songs to add to your Spotify playlist! I hope you discovered some songs and artists you've never heard of or listened to before, and found something you loved and just had to add to your Spotify playlist!

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