Best Places To Shop Based On Your Personality
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Best Places To Shop Based On Your Personality

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you." - Ralph Lauren

Best Places To Shop Based On Your Personality

They say, “A smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear,” but I say the prettiest thing I can wear is the latest trending items from my favorite store. Kidding. But not really.

I’m going to be honest with you, but I will admit it with confidence; I am a full-blown shopping addict. But fashion is not merely a passion, it is a way to express oneself and let’s be honest, a well-dressed person has never failed to leave a lasting impression. From my years of “experience" I can also confidently say that I have discovered and shopped at enough retailers that I was able to categorize each store depending on its distinct style. Now I know exactly which place to shop depending on my mood and the style I am looking to achieve.

Below I listed specific personality traits and characteristics that can be found in the most common shoppers for each store. Let’s see where you match up.

1. Your go-to style is “bohemian."

You consider yourself to be free-spirited but also a romantic. You are extremely comfortable with yourself. You love to travel and have an insatiable wanderlust soul. Many people who know you consider you down-to-earth and very adventurous but also very mature. If this sounds like you, I suggest shopping at:

Free People

Pictured: Something You Said Romper

2. Your go-to style is a balance of tomboy and femininity.

You consider yourself to be a mixture of sweet and tough. You are without a doubt a rebellious spirit. But you are also extremely passionate and support many humanitarian causes. You love to keep up with the latest trends (Did someone say lace-up body suits, bomber jackets, and Calvin Klein?). You have a natural affinity for music. You may even play an instrument or own an assortment of vinyls. If this sounds like you, I suggest shopping at:

Urban Outfitters

Pictured: Silence + Noise Stays On Tour Satin Bomber Jacket and Out From Under Ribbed Bodysuit

3. Your go-to style is bold, sassy, and progressive.

You are an L.A.-inspired girl and you love modern styles as much as you love vintage styles. You aren’t afraid to take risks and you love to stand out. Basically you are a total badass. Unlike an Urban Outfitters girl, you don’t necessarily break the rules. Instead, you rewrite the rules. Those around you consider you to be extremely motivated because you don’t merely succeed, you thrive. If this sounds like you, I suggest shopping at:

Nasty Gal

Pictured: Nasty Gal Salma Embellished Bodysuit and Nasty Gal Karima Embellished Leather Skirt

4. Your go-to style is chic, clean, and sleek.

You are a U.K.-inspired girl and love the U.K. for its culture (and its boys). You consider yourself a big city girl and you constantly find yourself falling in love with concrete jungles. Whether it is London, Paris, NYC, or Chicago, you are entirely infatuated. You work hard and you play harder. You prefer to stay within your comfort zone. You tend to pay attention to the bigger picture rather than to details and you prefer simplicity rather than complexity. If this sounds like you, I suggest shopping at:

Top Shop

Pictured: PETITE Stripe Peg Trousers

5. Your go-to style is cute and comfortable.

You are a “Basic White-T and Jeans” kind of girl. You are rather simple and consider yourself to be laid-back for the most part. You have a cute but effortless style. You tend to roll out of bed with your hair barely done, put minimum make-up on, and throw together an outfit in a matter of minutes, yet you still look adorable. You have a sporty style; you love your Adidas and baseball caps. Although you like to keep up with the latest trends, you tend to be low maintenance about it. If this sounds like you, I suggest shopping at:

Brandy Melville

Pictured: Gracie Knit and Lisette Short

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