I am literally in love with King of Pops popsicles if you want me to be completely honest. They are so yummy and packed with tons of flavor. I really enjoy having them during the summer because in Atlanta it can get sweaty af outside. So here are some flavors you can enjoy while you are outside or maybe inside during the summer!

1. Cookies & Cream

This has been one of my favorites this summer, it feels like you are eating real cookies!

2. Chocolate Sea Salt

Okay, now you can't go wrong with a chocolate popsicle with a little sea salt! This is so me while eating this popsicle. Now go and enjoy this "frozen" treat!

3. Banana Caramel

Okay now these are 2 flavor pairings that were made for each other, what a refreshing and somewhat healthy popsicle to have in the summer.

4. Caramel Latte

Okay, now I'm thinking that Starbucks may have been the inspiration for this flavor, but I am honestly not upset by this. You really can get all of your energy from this pop during the sweet summertime.

5. Strawberries n Cream

Strawberries are a must in the summer, so why not put it in a pop? I love this pop because it gives it that sweet taste without going too crazy.

6. Banana Puddin'

This is exactly what you need in the summer and is such a staple flavor if you are anywhere near a King of Pops stand in the south, like Georgia. Georgia summers get really hot!!

7. Peaches N Cream

Now whats a pop in Georgia without peaches? So maybe you don't live in Georgia, thats okay! You can still enjoy this sweet pop outside while hanging out with your friends and family! Maybe even share the delish pop with them!

8. Strawberry Lemonade

I am such a lemonade girl, so naturally I had to try this pop and boy is it packed with the right mix of lemonade and strawberries!

9. Blueberry Lemonade

You typically don't think that blueberries mix with lemonade, but during the summer they sure as heck do! I certainly am a fan of this flavorful pop.

10. Watermelon Mojito

Give me all the watermelon from this pop! Watermelon itself has been such a staple of mine growing up, so i really enjoyed having it in this pop to remember what it was like growing up in the summer!

11. Blackberry Honey

Now usually I wouldn't be hugging onto this flavor for the summer, but it proved me wrong! I loved the flavors together, they meshed so perfectly!