Best Artists To Ring In The New Year

I couldn’t really think of much else besides music going into the new year so I decided to make a list of some of my favorite artists that I discovered either at the start of this year or I’m bringing into the new year, again! Enjoy xoxo (and of course these are all opinion based)

Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark is an upcoming artist found mainly on Youtube who brings honest lyricism to her ukulele/guitar to all of her viewers. She is such a great person to bring into the new year because of how raw her lyrics tend to be, making you admire the world around you when you need it and to be accepting of the bad days. I find her music to help me through some personal relationship barriers and she has just helped me grow, and all I wish to do for 2017 is to continue to grow.

Bon Iver

Justin Vernon (lead singer of Bon Iver) is going to be in any list of artists that I share with people, he has been an inspiration to me going eight years strong. 2017 can’t start right without hearing Bon Iver blasting while I'm expressing myself creatively. If you are looking for that inspiration to create art (writing, painting, sculpting) I would highly suggest this band get those juices flowing.

Cage the Elephant

I’ve been listening to Cage the Elephant since high school, and it seems to always be at the same exact time; in the car on the way back from something that made me immensely happy. I always feel so happy listening to this band, and it just makes the whole experience elevated. I can only feel the air hitting against my face with my windows down on a cool night drive when listening to Cage the Elephant, you need that release of thinking in 2017; learn to let go and just sing.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Ladies, attention!!! Whenever you need any boost of confidence, please listen to this artist. The second she starts singing, I feel so body positive it’s insane and in 2017 we have to be more of that. Loving ourselves in whole and enjoying our bodies no matter what shape or size they are, and Alina Baraz brings out the sensual side to our inner self that you need to search more into this year!

Reva DeVito

You want some new music to vibe out to with your girls, Reva is perfect! Her R&B and electronic music can have you moving your hips side to side faster than 2016 ended. 2017 isn’t ready for the amount of dancing you should be doing, I mean it is a new year after all.


Yes, that is the correct artist I put above; Her artist name is actually Noname and she is fantastic. I found her through Chance the Rappers album (Coloring Book) and I find myself rapping along to her album whenever I’m going for a run. Noname motivates me to keep doing better for myself, which in 2017 I need so desperately. Her genre of music is nothing like I've heard before and I think I like it more because of that.


Tomppabeats has to be the best discovery I made last year, he helped me through those grueling late night study sessions. His mostly ambient music with a mix of hip-hop vocals helped me formulate the words I would need to get down for an essay or understanding the creative path I wanted to venture for an assignment. Tomppabeats helped keep my mind organized and if you struggled with that in 2016, then I suggest turning on Tomppabeats this year to see if it helps you as much as it helped me.

Blind Pilot

I was actually introduced to this band the first day of 2017 and haven’t regretted a second of listening to them, they are for the rainy days where you don’t know if it’ll ever cease to end; my ding dang dream. If you are into acoustic guitar and a sweet soothing voice to help lull you into a calm state, or even just to play in the background when you are with some special. 2016 was filled with too much drama, we gotta chill it out with some Blind Pilot.

Regardless if you found yourself nodding along to all the music or hating it completely, I think the music we exposure ourselves to really does set up our day/week/month/year. Pick something that inspires/motivates you and make sure everyone knows that 2017 is gonna be your year!!

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