Bernie Or Bust?

Before you read this article, please understand that this is all my opinion and although you might not agree 100% or any percentage with me that is what makes America so great! So please, if you find yourself about to burst open with opinions, do it in a respectable debate with myself or others and understand that yelling isn't going to solve any issues.

Bernie Sanders, the man that has started a revolution in every young adult around this country and addressing questions that no other political candidate has walked into organically, especially when he called out his own party for the corruption it has endured over the years. Standing proudly and being able to say that his campaign was supported by and with the help of the American people, the same people that have refused to vote for anyone else in the race (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) are going to write in his name instead. As much as I love fire being stirred up in people, I have to say that this makes me worried for the outcome that might occur. Bernie Sanders lost in the nomination for Democratic Nominee just a couple of days ago by the tiniest bit, but nonetheless he lost by a percentage of people, yet we still want to try and write him into the ticket. It is shown that for each vote cast for Bernie Sanders (not a nominee) that we are essentially giving the vote straight back to Donald Trump, which is something we really do not want to do. In 2016, the stakes our high in this election whether we want to continue forth with change or regress back to where the only time "America was great" was for white, straight, males.

Change is what most of us want, and seeing someone as honest as Bernie Sanders is astonishing to us, no lies or gimmicks to win us over, but his beliefs being spread over our computer screens that he has been saying his whole life. Our government has been corrupt for a long time, and therefore it will take some time to change it in the right direction that working for every individual regardless of race, religious preference, gender, or age. Bernie Sanders has made it apparent to so many American people that they have the power in their hands to start some political change. It took Obama eight years to make the changes he did for us, and standing from afar, a lot of people stood up in an outrage that it wasn’t enough, even though he worked through the night into the morning countless times to try and make life better for everyone through political changes (that again, take some time to happen.) Things of this nature do not happen over night, and as much as the "Bernie or Bust" people want him to be making the tough decisions, he was trying this whole time to inform you that all the decisions are within your disposal. Vote like crazy and stop leaving everything up to chance, and if you feel strongly enough about making some real change then get involved in politics and be right up there with him.

“I’m just not going to vote” is what I keep hearing come out of a lot of people's mouths, as I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again these past couple of months. Since Donald Trump is ridiculous and Hillary Clinton is a liar, just looking at how the media portrays both of them and not doing some research on their own. So to the "Bernie or Bust" people I beg you to stop; just please understand how detrimental this election is and that Bernie would do anything not to see another billionaire from wall street win in this bully race.

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