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    Every person has a story and every story has the potential to be something great, something that can influence massive audiences or even one single individual. My goal in life is to share the stories that people have and bring them to light. There are people across the globe who cannot speak for themselves because of their oppressed state. They have stories, lessons, and situations that have never been heard of because of the lack of communication or opportunity to bring out their voices. I think to myself everyday, if I have the privilege, right, and ability to freely speak without any oppression, then why not have my words filled with their stories. Why not "lend" my voice to those who have none?I have seen "The Odyssey" impact the lives of several with their impacting articles that show the power of God's love and the power of the written word. I want to be able to work for a large company that influences the lives of many with articles that speak truth, humor, and life. I am a sophomore, Convergence Journalism major from San Antonio, TX and I dream that I would work for a large company and offer my skills, so that I may be able to continuously learn and grow as a journalist. I am a fast learner, hard worker, and passionate for learning and writing.

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