The Science Of How Long-Distance Relationships Can Actually Make The Heart Grow Fonder

The Science Of How Long-Distance Relationships Can Actually Make The Heart Grow Fonder

The inventive study revealed that around 25-50% of college students are currently in long-distance relationships and around 75% have been in long-distance relationships at some point.


When it comes to relationships, I have always wondered whether long distance relationships actually last. Does absence actually make the heart grow fonder? Can not seeing your beloved on a regular basis elicit a more passionate romance to bloom?

A recent 2013 study published in the Journal of Communication by psychologists Crystal Jiang from the City University of Hong Kong and Jeffrey T. Hancock from Cornell University have resorted to answering these questions from a scientific and psychological level.

According to their study, long distance (LD) relationships are able to manifest and stimulate a much more intimate relationship because couples tend to spend more time talking about serious and thought-provoking topics. In fact, the usual couples who are almost always together apparently shy away from engaging in deep conversations which revolve around their future and eventual marriage goals.

As the study asserts, "Distance may shape the communication goals LD couples want to achieve and give rise to corresponding changes in cognition and behavior that tend to stabilize the relationship." Such goals that LD couples want to establish include an infinite amount of trust and freedom to be completely themselves with each other.

While reading this intricately designed study, many of my puzzling questions were answered and now I feel that physical distance does somewhat determine the level of intimacy between couples. If the hearts are conjoined, then being physically away doesn't affect the budding romance negatively.

Moreover, the inventive study revealed that around 25-50% of college students are currently in long-distance relationships and around 75% have been in long-distance relationships at some point. This is an impressive statistic to learn about because it further refines the fact that most romantic relationships tend to occur when people are in their early 20s when the heart is superbly energetic. The amount of energy which exists between two people is ultimately what defines the foundational architecture of their relationship. Essentially, that "energy" can be achieved regardless of the couple's geographical distance if the hearts are connected.

As a matter of fact, the further away you are from your loved one, an increased amount of passion and longing for your significant other eventually arises. In a sense, every single moment seems to be worth a lifetime because your time together is very brief and restrained. Fewer rendezvous will actually start to become more impactful as opposed to regular face-to-face meetings on a timely basis. Such is the genuine strength of being involved in long distance relationships.

Physical distance does not account for emotional distance and this distance could be lessened via the use of modern technology. Such examples of modern technology include Skype, Facetime, Messenger, and other forms of video chat outlets which facilitate articulate conversations between loved ones.

Nowadays, long-distance relationships have been scientifically proven to withstand the test of time and promote a more serious type of relationship. If this sounds like what you would want to embark upon, then take the leap of faith and get moving! Love is a universal emotion which transcends all geographic boundaries and subsequently makes your racing heartbeat 10 times faster. Just keep in mind, that finding true love can force you to travel many distances, even globally if you don't find the special one right in front of you. Seems like long distance relationships actually does make the heart grow much fonder than it ever really was.

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To The Boy Who Made Me Love Again

Thank you for loving me and showing me how to love myself.


To the boy who made me love again:

From the very beginning of our relationship, you showed me you were different. You showed me how I should be treated.

After dating someone for three years, falling in love was the last thing I wanted to do again. I did not want to grow close to anyone and fall in love with every little aspect of someone, but with you, it was so much different. You were different from other guys I had talked to. You have done small things for me that make me so happy. From offering to order me pizzas while I'm working to ordering me a key chain that says "drive safe," it's the little things you've done to make me love you.

During my previous relationship, I had come to a custom of pulling out my card to pay for dates and thought it was okay to accept the fact that good morning text did not exist. Every morning since we started dating, you never forget to text me good morning. We almost fight over who is going to pay, because I can't expect you to pay for every date. You have shown me what to expect in a relationship.

You never fail to make me happy. Whenever I say I'm hungry, you get me Mexican. When I want to watch Netflix, you immediately put on The Office. I can mention one thing I want and you buy it because you know it will make me happy. You give me forehead kisses and it puts a smile on my face. Whenever I am upset, you won't get off the phone until you figure out what is wrong and make sure everything is okay.

You make me feel beautiful. I can come over in leggings and socks and Birkenstocks or I can come over in a nice shirt and booties, but either way, you tell me I'm beautiful. Whenever I just wake up and look a hot mess, you look me in my eyes and tell me I'm beautiful.

You always tell me to be careful whenever I'm driving and you make sure to tell me you love me every night before you go to bed. You remind me of things I know I'll forget and you literally read my mind. You motivate me with my schooling and tell me how proud you are of me when I make a good grade.

I never wanted to date again and I especially did not want to fall in love; however, you are everything I dreamed of wanting. I am so blessed to have met you and fallen in love with you. So to the boy who made me want to love again, I love you and thank you for everything.

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For Camille, With Love

To my godmother, my second mom, my rooted confidence, my support


First grade, March. It was my first birthday without my mom. You through a huge party for me, a sleepover with friends from school. It included dress up games and making pizza and Disney trivia. You, along with help from my grandma, threw me the best birthday party a 7-year-old could possibly want.

During elementary school, I carpooled with you and a few of the neighborhood kids. I was always the last one to be dropped off, sometimes you would sneak a donut for me. Living next door to you was a blessing. You helped me with everything. In second grade, you helped me rehearse lines for history day so I could get extra credit. In 4th grade, you helped me build my California mission.

You and your sister came out to my 6th grade "graduation". You bought me balloons and made me feel as if moving onto middle school was the coolest thing in the entire world.

While you moved away from next door, you were a constant in my life. Going to Ruby's Diner for my birthday, seeing movies at the Irvine Spectrum and just hanging out, I saw you all the time. During these times, you told me about all of the silly things you did with my mom and dad, how my mom was your best friend. I couldn't have had a greater godmother.

In middle school, you pushed me to do my best and to enroll in honors. You helped me through puberty and the awkward stages of being a woman.

Every single time I saw you, it would light up my entire day, my week. You were more than my godmother, you were my second mom. You understood things that my grandma didn't.

When you married John, you included me in your wedding. I still have that picture of you, Jessica, Aaron and myself on my wall at college. I was so happy for you.

Freshmen year of high school, you told me to do my best. I did my best because of you. When my grandma passed away that year, your shoulder was the one I wanted to cry on.

You were there when I needed to escape home. You understood me when I thought no one would. You helped me learn to drive, letting me drive all the way from San Clemente to Orange.

When I was applying to colleges, you encouraged me to spread my wings and fly. You told me I should explore, get out of California. I wanted to study in London, you told me to do it. That's why, when I study abroad this Spring in London, I will do it for you.

When I had gotten into UWT, you told me to go there. I did and here I am, succeeding and living my best in Tacoma. I do it for you, because of you.

When I graduated high school and I was able to deliver a speech during our baccalaureate, you cheered me on. You recorded it for me, so I could show people who weren't able to make it to the ceremony. You were one of the few people able to come to my actual graduation. You helped me celebrate the accomplishments and awards from my hard work.

When your cancer came back, I was so worried. I was afraid for you, I was afraid of what I would do without the support you had always given me. When I was in Rome, I went to the Vatican and had gotten a Cross with a purple gem in the middle blessed by the Pope to help you with your treatments. It was something from me and a little bit of my mom in the necklace, the gem.

Now, sitting so far from you away at college just like you wanted me to. I miss you. I wish I was there to say goodbye.

I'll travel the world for you, write lots of stories and books for you, I will live life to the fullest for you.

You are another angel taken too early in life. Please say hello to my parents and grandma in Heaven for me.

Lots of love,


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