When it comes to relationships, I have always wondered whether long distance relationships actually last. Does absence actually make the heart grow fonder? Can not seeing your beloved on a regular basis elicit a more passionate romance to bloom?

A recent 2013 study published in the Journal of Communication by psychologists Crystal Jiang from the City University of Hong Kong and Jeffrey T. Hancock from Cornell University have resorted to answering these questions from a scientific and psychological level.

According to their study, long distance (LD) relationships are able to manifest and stimulate a much more intimate relationship because couples tend to spend more time talking about serious and thought-provoking topics. In fact, the usual couples who are almost always together apparently shy away from engaging in deep conversations which revolve around their future and eventual marriage goals.

As the study asserts, "Distance may shape the communication goals LD couples want to achieve and give rise to corresponding changes in cognition and behavior that tend to stabilize the relationship." Such goals that LD couples want to establish include an infinite amount of trust and freedom to be completely themselves with each other.

While reading this intricately designed study, many of my puzzling questions were answered and now I feel that physical distance does somewhat determine the level of intimacy between couples. If the hearts are conjoined, then being physically away doesn't affect the budding romance negatively.

Moreover, the inventive study revealed that around 25-50% of college students are currently in long-distance relationships and around 75% have been in long-distance relationships at some point. This is an impressive statistic to learn about because it further refines the fact that most romantic relationships tend to occur when people are in their early 20s when the heart is superbly energetic. The amount of energy which exists between two people is ultimately what defines the foundational architecture of their relationship. Essentially, that "energy" can be achieved regardless of the couple's geographical distance if the hearts are connected.

As a matter of fact, the further away you are from your loved one, an increased amount of passion and longing for your significant other eventually arises. In a sense, every single moment seems to be worth a lifetime because your time together is very brief and restrained. Fewer rendezvous will actually start to become more impactful as opposed to regular face-to-face meetings on a timely basis. Such is the genuine strength of being involved in long distance relationships.

Physical distance does not account for emotional distance and this distance could be lessened via the use of modern technology. Such examples of modern technology include Skype, Facetime, Messenger, and other forms of video chat outlets which facilitate articulate conversations between loved ones.

Nowadays, long-distance relationships have been scientifically proven to withstand the test of time and promote a more serious type of relationship. If this sounds like what you would want to embark upon, then take the leap of faith and get moving! Love is a universal emotion which transcends all geographic boundaries and subsequently makes your racing heartbeat 10 times faster. Just keep in mind, that finding true love can force you to travel many distances, even globally if you don't find the special one right in front of you. Seems like long distance relationships actually does make the heart grow much fonder than it ever really was.