Once people find out that Luke and I are twins, a never-ending list of questions automatically gets thrown our way. The great part about it, though, is that I love telling others all about our experiences because we are unique. Being a twin is truly unlike any other sibling relationship that exists. There is an inseparable bond between the two of us that can't be broken. Here are just a few things I have experienced from being a twin.

1. First of all, it ended up that we are not both of one sex which means we ultimately dodged a bullet there.


I know a few sets of twins that are both girls and sometimes it isn't so pretty. Luckily, Luke and I do not have to deal with the dreaded catfights, boy drama, and being in constant competition with one another. Not having to constantly compete means that we are both able to strive toward our own goals while being supportive of another as opposed to just wanting to outperform the other.

2. Another plus is that since I am a female and Luke is a male, I get to wear as much of his clothes as I want, but not necessarily the other way around.


That means I technically have two sets of wardrobes if I ever need it! I know right, I am extremely resourceful.

3. One thing I also do is go into Kendra Scott, an awesome jewelry store, where you get 50% off a purchase during my birthday month. 


I admit to kind of cheating the system by bringing Luke with me since he has the same birthday as mine and acts like he's buying stuff for a girlfriend when instead I give him money to buy a few items so I can get the discount instead.

4. I also love that I always had him so I never, ever had to do anything alone if I didn't want to.


We walked into school together, did summer camps together, and were able to keep each other entertained when we were bored. I never struggled with boredom because the two of us could always find something fun to do together. Imagine walking into school every day together with your twin so much that other students started thinking you were dating. Well, this is what ultimately happened to us before students found out we were twins so that was fun trying to explain to everyone!

5. Luke and I also get to share the same memories as one another.


Imagine having someone who you can always say, "Hey do you remember that time we.....?" Luckily, we have gotten to share a lot of the same past experiences which means we are able to relate entirely to each other.

I was fortunate enough to have someone whom I could call my best friend and never have to worry about the friendship ending. No matter what has happened in each of our lives, we each have each other to count on. For that, I am extremely grateful to call Luke not only my twin but also my best friend.