I Believe In Superficial Things And That's Ok
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I Believe In Superficial Things And That's Ok

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t put their money in all the right places

I Believe In Superficial Things And That's Ok
Sierra Gardner

Maybe you do believe in these things, maybe you completely disagree, either way, you’ve probably seen yourself on the other side. At one point, you had to at least hoped for something superficial in your life whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

I believe money can buy happiness (at times)

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t put their money in all the right places. Sure, an expensive ticket to an expensive resort isn’t happiness but what about the trip's entirety? The warm sun and the way one too many pina colada’s make you feel on the beach? Or sure putting year’s worth of work and thousands of dollars into building a house isn’t a happy time, but what about the years and lifetime ahead of all the memories to be made with your family members in it?

The place your children took their first steps, birthday and graduation parties. What about money spent on concert tickets? The goosebumps you get when your favorite performer comes out and sings your favorite song. I believe the concept of money is superficial and things can be expensive or things can add up but there are certain things that are bought and become an entire experience that is priceless.

I believe in holiday traditions/ New year’s kisses

Every family does gift giving differently around Christmas time. My extended family does a “sock exchange” around Christmas time. We do this by purchasing a pair of socks and an item that will fit in the socks whether it be a gift card, a bottle of champagne, or really whatever you can think of. I believe in finding the pickle ornament hidden on the tree to see who will open the first gift. I

believe in rotating every person’s turn to open gifts so I can see the joy on the receiver’s face. I also believe in popping open a bottle of champagne when you need to celebrate, or a special occasion. I believe on waiting till midnight to go out on your 21st birthday whether you’ll remember It or not. I believe in counting down till the clock strikes midnight and kissing in celebration of a new year on New Year’s Eve. It’s the little things about big days like holidays that are exciting and make for great memories.

I believe in picture perfect moments

Or honestly making a moment perfect for a picture. More often than not I am posing my French toast and my coffee and fork in a stylish manner for my snapchat followers. But food isn’t the only thing I pose for pictures. I love a good planned out photoshoot with my friends, not only to get a good new selfie but to make an adventure out of it. No one amps me up more than my friends, if I’m really going get a true candid photo, it’s from my friends, and they’re going to be the ones to amp me up on Instagram when I post my photos too. There is nothing wrong with being extra on social media.

I believe in wanting eternal love

Sure, a love story like a Nicholas Sparks seems unrealistic for just about anyone but Nicholas Sparks. It may seem like asking for a lot but I believe in any real love story the spark never dies. I believe in little love notes left on the kitchen counter when your significant other goes to work, or goofy selfie time or flowers just because. Sure, you don’t need any additions to make love great but I believe such simple small things show how greatly one can care for another.

I believe each day has a new opportunity

No matter how hard the day or the week or the month, there is a chance to make something great out of it. You may be going through a rough patch and think that there is no looking up for you but that’ll only be the case if you don’t at least try. Try to wake up in the morning and think of something exciting that could happen today or in the near future, give yourself something to look forward to.Get out of bed and try on your favorite outfit if you don’t know what to wear. Treat yourself to your favorite meal regardless of the calorie count and sit down and enjoy it. I believe all these things are just a start to pointing your day in the right direction. I believe you choose how your day will go, so look at it with opportunity and each day can be great.
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