Being sick sucks... Being sick over summer is a whole new ball game. Out of all the seasons to be sick during, summer is by far the worst. While your friends are all making plans to go to the beach or hit the bars at night, you're wondering how much NyQuil is too much NyQuil.

I am currently this person. Between working 6, and sometimes 7, days a week and finishing up final exams, I have caught a bug. Not just any bug. This is the kind of sickness that make you physically queasy just looking at your notes or computer. The type of sick that you can't do anything but lay in bed watching reruns of Friends and One Tree Hill. It's the sick where you don't even want to eat...College kids not wanting to eat..That's when you know it's a big deal.

For anyone that can't remember this agony, here is a recap of what it's like getting sick in the summer (I apologize in advance, this cough medicine is strong stuff):

1. The Day Before Throat Tickle.

You're thinking it's no big deal it's just a small tickle. Deep down you know the truth. You can stop up on all the Vitamin C in the world that day and somehow, you'll still end up dying the next morning.

2. BAM! Deadly Next Day.

Waking up sick is miserable. You go to bed all happy and content and the following day you're questioning your existence.

3. Unbearable Congestion And Headache.

Once awake, you feel your skull splitting in half and can't touch your face from the painful congestion. No point in going to a doctor, you know exactly what you need to do.

4. Starving Until You See Food.

You get up to grab food only to find the sight of it nauseating. You're not sure if crackers are even worth it.

5. No Taste. No Smell.

You try the crackers, but do you taste anything? Nope. It feels like sand paper in your mouth and you're ready to cry from already missing food.

6. 'Still Alive But I'm Barely Breathing' Is The Motto.

Between the headache and queasy stomach you think that would be enough. Until you notice you can barely breathing with your mouth closed. Great, now you've become a mouth breather because your nose is so clogged.

8. Chugging Cough Medicine Like It's Water.

Cough medicine (while powerful) is never strong enough when sick. You're ready to get back out there with your friends so you chug the whole bottle.

9. Hating Actual Water.

Water has never tasted so bitter. That's all there is to it.

10. Having A Week Pass By Unaccounted For.

Waking up the following morning only to realize a week of this nonsense has gone by and your final is today along with your article deadline.

Yes, being sick in the summer is truly remarkable.